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Chilean Ergonomics Society (SOCHERGO)

Website : http://www.sochergo.cl/

Mauricio Santos

Vice President
Marta Martinez

Secretary General
Francy Veliz

Jeisy Cofré

Fernando Díaz Gallo

Recent Activities

Professor Wei Zhang is going to call a meeting of executive committee of CES soon, not later than the end of this year, to discuss how to have an election for the new term of CES, he also mentioned some ideas to promote ergonomics in China and international collaborations. President Zhang is from Tshinghua University, the top university in China. He is very busy, but we have several workshops and a small conference every year. China is very big, with many parts, sectors, committees. Almost every profession that needs ergonomics has their own research bodies, teams, centers. We have two societies related to ergonomics. The Chinese Ergo Society has 400 members. To be a member you need to be at least an associate professor. The other society is an engineering psychology society with 300 people.
--Kan Zhang, CES

Recent Activities

Since May of 2017 the Chilean Ergonomics Society have a new Directory. Our objectives for the triennial period are:
• Generate, strengthen and disseminate quality Ergonomics.
• Establish feedback channels with active members.
• Support, optimize and accompany the concerns of the associate members.
For that we are published 20 informative documents about activities developed and 3 documents with experiences and works of our members, and news. Also, we are made 7 talks by specialists with topics like manual handling, inclusion of people with disabilities, musculoskeletal disorders, inclusive design, among others. And we have had an important participation in different activities like congress, seminars, and groups of working organized by governmental organizations.
In the other hand, we are working on our statutes, because we need to apdate them for a new scenario on our country were the ergonomics has become a relevant discipline based on the new legal requirements for companies. The principal changes that we are impulse are:
• Ethics Committee SOCHERGO
• A new category of Certified Member.
• Two Directors plus to join the Board.
• Choice the Directory by list (project)
• The concept of a Corporate Member is redefined as partner institutions through a mutual non-profit agreement
Other important work is related with the National Policy on Health and Safety at Work in Chile (2016), that requires: Promote the development of specialized postgraduate and postgraduate training in the areas of occupational health, occupational hygiene, ergonomics and occupational medicine. And, to define competency profiles of the occupational health and safety specialists. For that we are work in to determine the professional profile of the specialist in ergonomics with the participation of all our members, and we conform a group of work with the universities that offer the specialization in ergonomics.
Finally, we are in the middle of the organization of our XI Ergonomics Congress, that will take place on October 29, 30 and 31 of 2018. This is the mayor activity related with the discipline in our country, and we will have the participation of outstanding professionals in fields like anthropometry, psychosocial factors, ageing, among others. We will expect to have a big participation of professionals and students.