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The Proceedings of the 19th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association - Melbourne, 9-14 August, 2015.

Last NameFirst NamePoster TitleNumber
AdiputraNyomanAn Ergonomic Criticism for Process of Making Keris in Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia1519
AggarwalHarsh WardhanDevelopment of A Tunnel Boring Machine- Saved the Workers and the Company1415
AhramTareqModeling Human Performance for Analysis of Mission, Personnel and Systems Design1440
AlbolinoSaraPatient Safety in Pediatrics: an ergonomic solution for safer care of children, the case of the Pediatric Teaching Hospital of Florence and the pediatric regional network968
BangaHarish KumarDevelopment of Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) to enhance walking and balance on Foot Drop Patients in India by Additive Manufacturing1829
BatistãoMarianaPostural overload in schoolchildren during classroom activities by exposure variation analysis2024
Bins ElyVera HelenaRetail stores Ergonomics: the influence of layout on clothing stores236
Bins ElyVera HelenaEvaluation of two stores centered on the user's activities and environmental perception1316
Bins ElyVera HelenaSpatial Orientation under the point of view of accessibility: a Brazilian airport terminal case1417
BouabdellahLahceneAnthropometric Evaluation of wheelchairs used by the physically disabled in Algeria275
BrahimZaouiAgeing Workforce and its Aptitude to Work Case study: Algerian Customs Officers1366
BrancoLucia ReginaSwimsuits in co-design1508
CadavidEmilioAnalysis and Intervention Model applied to a group of power line workers - Macroergonomic proposal991
CaldasBrunoCollaborative Methodology for Ergonomics Management in Industry331
CamarottoJoaoConcepts of aging at work from an activity-centered ergonomics point of view671
CarrasqueroEnderPromotion, encouragement and gestion of ergonomics as a strategic tool for the dignity of the workforce of Ecuador1675
CarrasqueroEnderOrganizational Ergonomics and inclusive and proactive Social Responsibility:A commitment within the objectives of the organization1682
CarvalhoPauloA Promethean approach to Ergonomics: Beyond Sisyphean endeavour?141
Castro CastroClaudia SeleneAnthropometric study of yoreme-mayo ethnic group in Northwest Mexico290
CavalcanteSandraChild participation in the Brazilian art & entertainment market: a challenge to legal system and public health490
CerdaEduardoManual Material Handling Risk Assessment Model related with Dynamic and Asymmetrics Tasks in Construction Sector1723
CerdoEduardoEffects of Techniques of Manual Material Handling selected over Upper limbs and back: A kinetic, electrophysiological and pschophysical approach.1785
ChaikumarnMontakarnRepeatability of upper trapezius EMG in VDU operators with neck-shoulder complaints306
ChaikumarnMontakarnImpact of rest-break interventions on neck and shoulder posture of symptomatic VDU operators during prolonged computer terminal work307
ChanAlanDisplay-control stereotype strength of left- and right-handers17
ChangSeong RokA study on the Risk Identification due to Human Erros460
CharoenpornNarisEffects of knife handle types, blade lengths and grip postures on forearm muscle activities and wrist movements1694
ChenXingyuUnderstanding Young Mobile Users Behavior with a New Social Networking Communication Application363
ChenYi-LangMeasurement of external ischial tuberosity width for young Taiwanese subjects369
ChenYuxiaA Method of Using Weight Distribution and 3-dimensional data to study the relationship of bodily form, spinal and the lying comfort1588
ChiharaTakanoriFunction approximation model for prediction of total perceived discomfort considering differences of discomfort characteristics depending on body part158
ChimJustine M.Y.Healthy Computing and Ergonomics: Review of Musculoskeletal Health Problems and||Workplace Setting1651
ChiuMin ChiEffect of target size and environmental illumination on reach to grasp movement for old adults845
CiacciaFlaviaCabin Safety Culture: identifying opportunities to safety innovations417
CoelhoThaisaAssessment of WRMDS among Brazilian dental students936
CoelhoThaisaImpact Analysis of Symptoms of Pain and the practice of sports in the quality of life of dental students.1531
ContoyannisBillA proposed structured approach to ergonomic assessment and comparison of hand held devices1187
ContreraLucianaSickness absenteeism in the Military Firefighter262
ContreraLucianaWork ability in the firefighter profession1076
ContreraLucianaSeroprevalence of hepatitis C virus and HIV infection in firefighters and recruits from a metropolitan region of central Brazil1710
CooperJoleneErgonomics Guidance for Procurement for Computer Input Devices1704
CostaBruna EvellynHealth officials of area health end influences with work environment1004
de BarrosFernanda CabegiEffects of an ergonomic intervention on posture, perceived discomfort and musculoskeletal pain in office workers using notebook “ a pilot study992
De Barros Macêdo VelosoIsis TatianeProject design of an accessible floater for people with disabilities or reduce mobility: universal design and accessibility1518
De MattosDiego LuizErgonomics and lean manufacturing: a case study of A3 as visual management tool for ergonomics in a paper and pulp industry886
De Medeiros CostaIzaneteOccupational stress in Brazilian teachers: An ergonomics approach1765
De Oliveira Bassil PiresPaulo RobertoContributions of ergonomics in work activities outside the Eletrobras office449
DejeanPierre-HenriThe autonomy of the elderly : when students ideas beyond those of experts1558
DejeanPierre-HenriPanel or symposium - Ergonomics in Design to the elderly1560
DennisGarySuccessfully Implementing a Global Participative Ergonomics Program across RioTinto741
DesireEricDesign of control panels for underground mining equipment: Why open innovation should be promoted as a sustainable approach to development349
DewiChandraWork Facility Improvement in Sculpture Process to Decrease Processing Time in Art Stone Industry514
DickinsonPaulThe physiological cost of principles of motion economy in manual work, and opportunities to enhance dynamic muscular activity for worker health and productivity585
DinataI Made KrisnaWatermelon with Small Pieces are Preferred than Large Pieces in Presenting at Home1274
DinataI Made KrisnaMusculoskeletal Complaints on Hotel Employees in Sanur, Bali1628
DuHaibinIntroducing value of ergonomics into road corner prompting mirror design innovations891
EstrAzulasJansenMusculoskeletal disorders prevalence in Nurses “ a gender comparative study"878
EvangelistaWemerton LuisThermal evaluation in a production line of a Brazilian refrigerator on the ergonomic point of view1395
FeiFangA Method for Measuring the Weight of Body Segment Based on Human Model and Body Pressure Distribution1164
FerreiraEveliseAnalysis of ergonomic work of a printer typographic: A case study1011
FerreiraEveliseErgonomic tools for analysis of the biomedical aspects related to low back disorders at work1013
GaleaVincentUse of tactile alerting systems for rail infrastructure workers1228
GarciaLucasHospital Design and Ergonomics: demand for products that reduce medication error in hospitals1409
Garcia PereiraAlineRadioprotection: What rediology residents think about it287
GolebowiczMeravEffectiveness of a tele-health intervention program using biofeedback among computer operators23
GoncalvesAlcideWebsite usabiliyt on the moblity within European High School Education1221
GornyAdamApplication the Pareto principle in accident analysis to improve a working environment716
GROSSIFRANCOFrom the Global Village to the Green Smart City1563
GuimaraesLiaInvolving citizens in the improvement of small communities1490
GustafsonPerAccess Card Reader Designed for Usability through Additive Manufacturing872
GutiérrezManuelErgonomics applied to risk management of musculoskeletal disorders in Clinical Laboratory of Publics Hospital276
HabibiEhsanollahThe survey of the relationship between work schedule and its effect on the fatigue of rescue personnel in Isfahan with a standard method of CIS20254
HabibiEhsanollahThe effect of three ergonomics intervention on work-related posture and musculoskeletal disorders in office workers (computer users) Gas Company of Esfahan58
HabibiEhsanollahEffect of Ergonomic Engineering Interventions on Macroergonomic Conditions and accidents Rate59
HabibiEhsanollahEffects of Work-related stress on work ability index among refinery workers113
HancockGabriellaSelf-Determination Theory & the Rise of the E-Reader334
HeXueliA Flight Scenario based Workload Prediction Method1296
HemphalaHilleviA method for risk assessment within Visual Ergonomics1203
HemphalaHilleviLighting at Computer Workstations1209
Holanda KunstMarinaHotéis e Acessibilidade: uma forma de inclusão do idoso458
HondaKaoruDisplay Locations of Information on Wide Screen Display Devices728
HondaFukuyoStudy of the Relationship between Heartbeat and Subjective Evaluation during the||Performance of a Cognitive Task729
IzumiHiroyukiEffect of disparity distribution existence in 3D images on visual discomfort1403
IzutsuShinoRelationship between physical features and motor abilities among young children: A study of a specialized kindergarten for teaching sports and physical activity1058
JangRen-LiuMusculoskeletal disorders in salted chicken cutting workers731
JeongDong YeongA Literature Review: Form Factors and Sensor Types of Wearable Devices1230
JiaZhujunResearch on Status and countermeasure of Barrier-free in Rail Transportation in China623
JiaZhujunBarrier-free Design of Shifting Machine for the Physically disabled624
JunGyuchan ThomasThe Aftermath of the South Korea Ferry Disaster - Organisational Responses and Learning638
JuncaJose AntonioErgonomics and Inclusive Design for a safer and better quality of life: Historic Buildings and Landscapes. From a global approach to details1668
JuntaracenaKomkritPreliminary Study of Effects of Muddy Work Terrain on Lower Extremity Loading during Rice Planting Process993
KaminishizonoTakeyoshiImproving the usability of cans for drinking corn-pottage soup: reducing the amount of residual corn granules in the can60
KangBoraIdea Generation Framework for a New Wearable Device Product/Service1019
KendrickVictoriaImproving the Engagement of Teenagers and Young Adults with Rail Safety and Risk Education64
KetutTirtayasaErgonomics Curriculum inF aculty of Medicine Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia823
KnibbeHanneke Jacoba JAssessing the role of social partners in addressing occupational (musculoskeletal and psychosocial) disorders in health care in European membe states1245
KongYong-KuEvaluation of Pliers' Grip Span in Both Genders737
KumarRajenderAnthropometry and agriculture tools- design aspect: A review1691
LeducSylvainExploratory study on individual workplace practices face of CMRs risks in farming sectors1140
LeeYu-ChiEvaluating the effect of mattress topper thickness and firmness combination on pressure and temperature distribution567
LeeCheng-LungThe Study of Work and Rest Arrangement on Muscle Fatigue Recovery for a Repetitive Task of Upper Limbs1333
LeeInseokCase study of developing e-learning contents of agricultural safety and health for various crops1861
LeeInseokEffects of work/rest schedule and gender on the workload of repetitive handling of lightweight load1867
LimaInêsBody discomfort, physical load and flexibility level in workers of a secretariat of a higher education institution678
LinCheng-JheInvestigating Positional Effects on Target Acquisition on Touchscreens- Optical Parallax or Biomechanics?1256
LinternGavanAn Introduction to Cognitive Systems Engineering142
LiuWeiResearch on individual differences of comfortable effects of human back pressure massage1048
LongAirdrieIntegrating Humans Factors/Ergonomics into Engineering Projects499
LopesMarcusA comparitive study of prospective analysis methods for identification of critical infrastructure1663
LouShu-ZonHuman factors analysis of a single curved shoulder arc for stroke patient1659
LuShih-YiAn investigation of vibration exposure for use of brushcutter906
LuChihweiThe Good Practical Database for ergonomics in countries of the IEA members1513
LumanlanJoseph MariDevelopment of an Anticipated User Experience Framework for E-Commerce Websites: A Research Proposal643
LundbergJennyFramework for implicit documentation of care and health care tasks972
LuttmannAlwinNeck muscle activation during horizontal head movements as a function of head inclination667
MachadoLaisReview of State of the Art assistive technology124
MarlowPepeCost-Effective Solutions to Manual Handling Problems1157
Ming-HsuWangApplication of facial anthropometrics for classification of acromegaly1328
MokdadMohamedErgonomics and human factors: The new challenges of the 21st century
MokdadMohamedOn the use of self-reported anthropometric measurements in ergonomics873
MorganHannahImplementing change within a Fatigue Risk Management System in an Australian rail transport context1833
MunidasaPriyangaStudy on Musculoskeletal Disorders and Related Factors among Female Nurses in the Central Province of Sri Lanka917
NagasakiTakayukiAnalysis of crutch position in the horizontal plane for confirming the stability of the axillary pad during double-crutch walking1006
NejatbakhshRezaA Pilot Design for Student Backpack based on Participatory Ergonomics and Anthropometric Factors75
Nunes Da ConceiçãoLaisa NataliaHeuristics of Acessibility1356
OgawaIijiIs the presence of a cat/dog beneficial for a creative task performance?221
Orlando BortolottoGracielle AparecidaThe multicausality as a backdrop to explain the high turnover in a slaughterhouse chicken with special reference to the distance home - work -home222
Ouriques MedeirosDeniseThe way of looking1283
PalSwatiEffect of keyboard design on forearm muscle activity and posture822
ParlangeliOronzoMultifacebooking at University: the Influence of the Use of Facebook an Multitasking on Academic Performance794
PintoAlexandreStudy of ergonomics of the furniture used by elementary education public students1689
PlaAna BarbaraChallenges in developing a small business1227
PowellRodneyCost-Effective Solutions to Manual Handling Problems867
QuWeinaThe relationship between mind wandering and dangerous driving behavior among Chinese drivers215
RaiArpanaDesign, development and ergonomic evaluation ofa hand operated Aonla pricking machine14
RaiArpanaAddressing the Ergonomic and Economic Challenges faced by Women Workers in Aonla Preserve Making Units: An Application of Response Surface Methodology297
RaiArpanaOccupational health hazards faced by women workers in Aonla processing enterprises: An application of wise methodology299
Regis FilhoGilsée IvanA methodology for diagnosis of climate organisational: integrating the different dimensions of indoors1637
RezendeNaiaAnalysis of the relation between workload and the production indicators of a manufacturing company: NASA-TLX and SWAT simplified1020
RodeaAlejandroEvaluating interfaces and user profiles1533
Saavedra RobinsonLuis AndresApplication of TRIZ method to design a one-peace thermal and ergonomic suit for welding operator947
SandersTracyThe influence of system transparency on user stress levels998
SandersTracyQuantitative Assessment of Qualitative Statements: What People Mean by Once in a Blue Moon1831
SantosMarcelloDesign Thinking in the context of Ergonomic Design - New fad or newfound old habit1789
SantosMarianaSpatial orientation of visually impaired people in built environment1810
SantySantyDevelopment of Methodology for Passive Design Strategies of Residential House in Indonesia805
SatoTatianaHow to adapt school furniture to students in the different range of age? Description of height variability of schoolchildren2025
SatoTatianaEffects of an ergonomic intervention on posture, perceived discomfort and musculoskeletal pain in office workers using notebook – a pilot study2026
SatoTatianaAssociation between biomechanical and psychosocial risk factors with low back and upper arms symptoms in aluminum industrial workers1280
SawyerBenUsing the Population Specific User Mastery (PSUM) Scale to determine training needs1546
SchwartzBernhardPostural Changes in Office Environments - Do they really affect user performance?424
SettiMariaRight of refusal: reflections on its paradoxes, obstacles and appropriations1783
SharanDeepakErgonomics in extraordinary population1408
SharmaSnigdhaErgonomics design for industrial bench grinder1658
ShenLi MingExploration of Design-style Identification of Chairs Based on Event-related Potential Technology745
ShrivastavaAshishDevelopment of a mounting fixture for ROPS retrofitting to medium range horsepower tractors in India1601
SmallwoodJohnMass and Density of Materials: Construction Management Students’ Knowledge and Perceptions1123
Souza Da SilvaJane CiambeleDevelopment of a response preparation for application to natural disasters: A study to provide improved resilience of a community in Rio Grande do Notre, Brazil1495
SteffanIsabella TizianaEu-Design. An award to Ergonomics1593
TakakuwaKentaroThe cause of losing innovativeness569
ToddAndrewThe emergence of Ergonomics in African countries: challenges, issues and development strategies.1856
TosiFrancescaErgonomics supports Design for All923
TosiFrancescaUser Centred Design and Universal Design approaches for enhancing the learning technologies925
UangShiaw-TsyrDevelopment of a musculoskeletal function analysis model for physically disabled people1087
VolanteWilliamSocial media use and acceptability of infidelity987
WangXing-WeiStudy on the outstanding problems and countermeasures of aircrew survival on plateau1341
WangChao-ChihIcon Recognition and Its Holistic Processing: the Evidence from the Complete Composite Task1802
Werba SaldanhaMaria ChristineErgonomics Methodology for Validating Educational Toys978
WogalterMichaelProduct manuals: reported reading and beliefs1432
WuHsin-ChiehEvaluation of time to visual fatigue for prolonged using a mobile phone1629
YagjianAllenJob safety analysis program refined human factors design in a large pharmaceutical manufacturing facility380
YazigiSidneyTriggered activities with the waste generated in steel production: a study from the ergonomics standpoint1866
YuHaoThe effects of different matched color in enclosed cabins on the fine manual operation of the crew254
YuDennyImpact of surgical role on fatigue: Self-reported fatigue before, during and after surgery over 79 cases1547
ZhangChunqiangResearch on comfort degree of minors' household study desk and chair in based on behavior study and ergonomics517
ZhaoYanHousehold drill innovative design under the guidance of ergonomics879
ZhaoYinEvaluation of Typical Individuals for Automotive Seat Comfort1334
ZhaoWenguoThe Satisfaction Research of Typical Functions' Loading-time for Smart Phone1825