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Oral Presentation Papers and Abstracts

The Proceedings of the 19th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association - Melbourne, 9-14 August, 2015.

Paper Presenter
Last NameFirst NamePaper TitleNumber
AbracadoMateusThe evolution of Brazilian FPSO material handling systems916
AdaramolaSamsonThe Design of Workstation - Behavioural Pattern1884
AdeyemiAdemolaMultifactorial Analysis of Back Pain among Nigerian schoolchildren using backpacks83
AdeyemiAdemolaLevel of Implementation of Ergonomic Based School furniture for Malaysian Children89
AdeyemiAdemolaMusculoskeletal disorders in body regions and its associated risk factors among electronics workers in Malaysia389
AdeyemiAdemolaPostural effect on muscular activities of Electronics workers in Malaysia390
AdeyemiAdemolaBackpack-Back Pain Complexity and the Need for Multifactorial Safe Weight Recommendation2027
AdiatmikaI Putu GedeEffect of linearity regulation on ergonomic education sustainability in Udayana University, Denpasar Bali1129
AickinChristineJournal Club - An alternative method for delivering professional development sessions786
AimersNicoleThe effectiveness of aversive health warnings: Do they really work?1701
AkselssonRolandThe Goal Equivalence Model and Communication for Worker Participation1892
AlbayrakArmaganFacilitating rehabilitation after a total hip arthroplasty by design926
AlbolinoSaraErgonomics and Creativity in time of the economic crisis|Towards IEA2018958
AlbolinoSaraInnovative practices for training in healthcare: impact on patient safety and patients involvement1176
AndersonJanetResilience Engineering and Quality Improvement in Healthcare588
AndersonJanetEffect of single room hospital accommodation on staff experiences and the organisation of work659
AnderssonTorbjörnUnderstanding the user beyond "common sense" teaching product ergonomics to design engineering students1275
AndrewCatherineApplying ergonomic principles to control a long term manual handling risk: Installation of Rio Bars973
AntonovskyAriMeasuring the Influence of Human Factors on Maintenance Reliability765
ArdanaGusti NgurahDistinguishing characteristics of junior high school classroom interior design in Bali with ergonomics principles consideration to optimize students performance1202
AringerCarmenExperiences and results of a project in Austria to motivate SMEs for age-based workplaces571
AshbyLizThe design and implementation of an exercise programme for the prevention and management of work-related upper limb disorders1512
BachwalLavanyaCreating innovative minds and self learning among the toddlers through e-technology1063
BagnatoEmmaMPE - Mental Protective Equipment- and workers™ health care609
BakerRichelleCan light under-desk cycling enhance cognitive performance during prolonged sedentary work?1909
BalasubramanianVenkateshCertification for Practicing Ergonomist – Quest for Global Standards2029
BaoStephenPooling sub-task physical exposure data to study work-related carpal tunnel syndrome and epicondylitis121
BaoStephenLet's talk about office ergonomics - Points beyond tody's guidelines122
BarbieriDechristianAdjustable sit-stand tables in office settings: development of a system for controlled posture changes606
BarcelliniFloreWhen ergonomists meet each other online to discuss practices: A French-speaking example1306
BatistãoMariana VieiraHow to normalize electromyography signal in low back pain workers performing manual handling tasks– a systematic review2022
BaysariMelissaA workshop on how to use the Work Observation Method by Activity Timing (WOMBAT) tool - An easy and precise way to quantify patterns of work and communication367
BaysariMelissaWhat do junior doctors do during weekend shifts? A time and motion study1059
BaysariMelissaUse and views of an electronic risk assessment tool for venous thromboembolism - a case for user-centred design1060
BeckDonghyunAn investigation on the optimal positioning of in-vehicle side-view displays: a comparison of five alternative display arrangements1089
BeggRezaulGait adaptations to floor surface characteristics in a Virtual Reality environment: applications to the design of safer environments999
BeggRezaulGait adaptations to floor surface characteristics in a Virtual Reality environment: applications to the design of safer environments999
BellAlisonLift that lid, unscrew that cap, pull that straw: the challenges of hospital food and beverage packaging for the older user12
BellAlisonWater water everywhere and not a drop to drink: the challenge of bottled water provision to older users in hospitals691
BenglerKlausThe Effect of Secondary Tasks on the perceived Seating Discomfort1634
Bergamin JanuarioLeticiasEMG normalization - a reliability study on females with and without trapezius myalgia1325
BerglundMartinaSituation awareness in production planning and scheduling819
BerglundMartinaTeaching ergonomics and human factors with a systems perspective1537
BerglundMartinaEmphasizing the interactive systems view in a masters program in Ergonomics and HTO1540
BergstenEvaPsychosocial work factors and musculoskeletal pain among Swedish flight baggage handlers446
BillsJosephine“Conserving the Conservator”: A Participative Ergonomics Approach to Reduce the Risk of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders from Performing Conservation Treatment at Artlab Australia538
Bin MakhtarAhmad A Comparison of BVP and ECG Data for Evaluation of Driver's Mental Workload Level1715
BiquandSylvainWhy are psychosocial risks on the rise? Human history and neo-Taylorism1128
BiquandSylvainCollaborative spaces: innovation, regulation and competition1894
BleckleyM. KathrynThe Development of an Active Listening Test for Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control Specialists940
BlewettVernaDoing it Differently: group processes for research and practice214
BlewettVernaSPAD-tacular: using the Future Inquiry Workshop to develop industry-level strategy on a wicked problem in Australia and New Zealand2006
BlewettVernaThe Future Inquiry Workshop in practice and research385
BlewettVernaWork in art, art in work: [un]changing representations of work in the art of Kiron Sinha463
BlewettVernaThe role and impact of elected Health and Safety Representatives on Workplace Health and Safety in South Australia1888
BligardLars-OlaEBooks as course literature in ergonomics and human factors1289
BlockerRenaldoCardiac surgical care: The characteristics of intraoperative handoffs2023
BlomeMikaelIntroducing ergonomics visualisation and simulation for exploring design problems and solutions in workstation design on ships572
BobkoNataliaExperience related changes in bioelectric brain activity of engineer-electronics at the air traffic control systems under round-o-clock service1167
BoccaraVincentDesigning a virtual environment for professional training from an activity framework. Dialog between ergonomists and computer scientists325
BoccaraVincentTraining design for a proposed job of operating the Remote Monitoring System for Risk Prevention (RMSRP) in French Nuclear Power Plants1355
BolisIvanOpportunities for ergonomic action in organizations engaged in sustainability: A Case study701
BoninDominikEvaluating the accuracy of markerless body tracking for digital ergonomic assessment using consumer electronics884
BonnardelNathalie Collaborative creativity in prospective design activities: An exploratory study of the influence of static vs dynamic personas in a virtual environment2011
BoocockMarkThe influence of experience on manual materials handling and its implications for training: a systematic literature review397
BorchardtJames GWorkers' Changing Psychophysical Characteristics Require Prevention through Design (PtD) and Safety, Health & Ergonomic (SH&E) Strategies at Construction Worksites343
BoudraLeilaTaking into account the territorial dimension of work for sustainable work system. The case of waste sorting centers957
BouzidAbdel-HakimSafety and Reliability Assessment of a Miniature Steam Generator1407
BowmanRichardUsing the Goldilocks principle and virtual reality environments to develop appropriate models for the risk of slipping1000
BowmanRichardUsing 3D laser scanning to improve the reliability of stairway geometry measurements1082
BowmanRichardUse of 3D laser scanning stairway geometry data to better understand the risk of falls and enable improved stair regulations1085
BowmanRichardGoldilocks, slip resistance and the wicked problem of falls prevention1125
BowmanRichardA comparison of psychophysical assessments and physical slip resistance measurements1232
BowmanRichardFalls prevention is a wicked topic1247
BowmanRichardHow valid are psychophysical assessments as an indicator of slip resistance?1665
BoyGuy The onboard Context-Sensitive Information System on commercial aircrafts448
BoyGuy AndreOn the complexity of situation awareness1511
BoyGuy Design of an onboard 3D weather situation awareness system63
BradtmillerBruceAnthropometric Change in the US Army 1988-2012: Implications for Design713
BradyAshleighFuture Operating Concept Development: A Further Application of Cognitive Work Analysis Beyond Human Factors and Engineering471
BrakenridgeCharlotteChanges in office workers' sitting time following an organisational-level intervention alone or with the support of technology-based self-monitoring: a cluster randomised controlled trial1012
BrandlChristopherA new concept to support the ergonomic intervention process based on an analysis of working postures with OWAS570
BrandtMikkelParticipatory intervention based on objectively measured physical risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders in the construction sector: Study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial582
BrangierEricProspective ergonomics in the ideation of hydrogen energy usages2014
BridgesKarlAdopt, Adapt, and Improve: Human Factors Assessment of a Driver Advisory System on a New Zealand Freight Rail Environment506
BringaudViolaineAssessing the documentation as part of an human factor engineering programme190
BrittonShaunCommunication-aid design for adults with complex communication needs.1073
BrobergOleEmployee participation in product innovation: Crossing organizational boundaries by alignment of work systems537
BrobergOleA macro-ergonomic perspective on analyzing and designing knowledge transfer systems in engineering projects within the oil drilling industry591
BroehlChristinaAge differentiated analysis of the hand proximity effect in a visual search paradigm596
BrouwersSueCue utilisation and performance in a rail monitoring, vigilance task1208
BrückBenediktSensor fusion and human behavioral pattern analysis for vehicle occupancy detection2031
BrunoroClaudioCorporate sustainability - corporate's perception, historical concepts and contribution of ergonomics938
BrunoroClaudioThe Influence of Organizational Factors on the Processes of Returning and Remaining at Work in the ICU: Contributions of activity ergonomics946
BuckleyKatieThe Role of Collaborative Engagement to Facilitate Understanding & Change: Vocal Ergonomics with High Performance Basketball Coaches370
BuetzlerJenniferInvestigation of the angle and age effect using Fitts' law for conventional information input541
BuetzlerJenniferAge-robust cognitive ergonomic design of network diagrams in project management software: An empirical study of the effect of continuous edges on graph comprehension542
Burgess-LimerickRobinParticipative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks Risk Management Master Class173
Burgess-LimerickRobinErgoAnalyst: Innovative software to support the implementation of a participative ergonomics program350
Burgess-LimerickRobinWhole-body vibration associated with surface coal mining equipment368
Burgess-LimerickRobinSugar-cane harvesting machine design 'in the field'371
Burgess-LimerickRobinThe use of simulation for the human-centred design of underground coal mine bolting machines2000
CabonPhilippeManagement of Dilemma under Sleep Deprivation in Anesthesiology Residents: a Simulation-Based Study807
ÇakıtErmanCorrelation analysis between the occurrence of adverse events and infrastructure development in an active war theater260
Calero ValdezAndreReducing Complexity with Simplicity - Usability Methods for Industry 4.01288
CalvetBénédicteUsing an ergonomic lens to foster Integrated Prevention and Gender equity372
CamarottoJoaoApplication of Work Ergonomic Analysis in the return to work process of employees absent due to Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs)680
CapleDavidDesign of customer reception lobbies to minimise occupational violence risks167
CapleDavidSenior management commitment to improve ergonomics in acute healthcare347
CapleDavidTransition from open plan office design, to activity based work447
CaponecchiaCarloExamining the predictive validity of the WOMBAT situation awareness pilot selection test1078
CaponecchiaCarloThe Naturalistic Flying Study: Innovation in General Aviation Safety Research and Risk Management1097
CareSheenaA framework for defining how acceptable is acceptable: A threshold for subjective data474
CarminatiSarahNew technologies and safety in radiotherapy: study of appropriation during training1135
CarolySandrineThe relationship of female workers to nanomaterial-related risks: How do requests for ergonomic intervention emerge?344
CarolySandrineInnovation and prevention of risks related to nanomaterials: what intervention for a prospective ergonomics?695
CarolySandrineGender division of labour on cattle farms and WMSD prevention strategies699
CarolySandrineDesigning work organization based on "occupational" collectives and "inter-occupational" relations: methodological implications of ergonomic interventions to prevent psychosocial disorders826
CartaGiannaA constructive and participative approach to organizational analysis and redesign1286
CasseChristelleDesigning a lessons-learned system integrated in the collective practices of safety management647
CerdaEduardoImplementation of Ergonomics Program (Seven Step-Niosh Approach) to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders in a Chemical Company in Chile. Experiences 2009 to 20141760
CerfMarianneDesigning for transition in agriculture: addressing the gap between design and innovation1339
ChaikliengSunisaIncidence and risk factors of work-related low back pain among university office staff1199
ChangWen-RueyGait adaptation on surfaces with different degrees of slipperiness55
ChenHsieh-ChingAssessment of Workload and Tool Use in Bathtub Scrubbing Task634
ChenChian-HueiNurse cognition of medication adverse events760
ChenChien-HsiungEffects of Wedge Design, Interaction Mode, and Viewing Perspective on User Wayfinding Behavior within a 3D Virtual Environment835
ChenHung-JenThe Effects of Joint-based Pointing Method and Control-Display Gain on Upper Extremity Fatigue in distal pointing1573
ChenChing-ChungThe Cases Study of Occupational Falling and Slipping Incidents1741
ChengAndy S.K.The Effect of Job-specific Occupational Health Education Program on Prevention of Work-related Musculoskeletal Back Injury310
ChiChia-FenHuman Perception on Sound Quality of Passenger Vehicles783
ChiYu-HungEnhanced Context of Accident Analysis and Classification - Digging Root Causes behind Causes1304
ChiChia-FenGraphical Fault Tree Analysis for Fatal Falls in the Construction Industry1652
ChimJustine M.Y.Effective Ergonomics Project on Implementation of FITS Office Ergonomics Program98
ChungAmyTheory versus practice in the human factors and ergonomics discipline: Trends in journal publications from 1960 to 20101166
ChungAmyWorldwide student involvement in human factors and ergonomics societies: What can HFESA learn?1172
CiccarelliMarinaChildren's utilisation of allied health treatment to manage ICT-related pain1349
CiccarelliMarinaSedentary behaviours of schoolchildren using mobile technology in the classroom1916
CoelhoDenis AComparison of Association among Ergonomic and Psychosocial Factors in Office and Field Utility Jobs1001
CoelhoDenis AErgonomic Development of a Computer Pointing Device - a departure from the Conventional PC Mouse towards CAD Users1200
CoenenPieterTowards a better understanding of the effect of working postures on musculoskeletal symptoms - a longitudinal prospective study364
CoenenPieterMusculoskeletal pain is a barrier for sedentary behaviour interventions1908
CoenenPieterMobile touch screen device use among young Australian children - first results from a national survey1917
ColemanJemmaTrends in Military Anthropometry508
ComanRobynManual Handling of People (MHP) Risk Management: a survey of aged care staff knowledge and understanding of environment related MHP risk control interventions1223
ConceiçãoCarolinaTransferring knowledge from operations to the design and optimization of work systems: bridging the offshore/onshore gap1477
ConroyAileenRapid Reported Risk Rating Tool in Health Care...... 2 minutes to make manual handling of people training relevant and efficient754
ConroyAileen7 years to cross the road safely........ 'I'd rather get hit by a bus than have my trolley tip over'772
CookeTristanOperability and Maintainability Technique Case Studies
CoronadoAlejandroDetermination of Allowances for Standard Time1672
CouillaudSarahMutual learning in design process, when designers-for-use meet designers-in-use1475
CouvinhasAna FilipaThe Field Diaries: an innovative participatory methodology775
CoxonSelbyAn examination of platform and train passenger boarding, alighting and dispersal through innovative 3D agent based modelling techniques727
DaleAnn MarieComparison of three different assessments of workplace physical exposures applied to analysis of incident carpal tunnel syndrome1564
DaleAnn MarieUse of voluntary controls for physical risks in Sheet Metal Work tasks1612
DaleAnne MarieResidential Construction Foremen - Fall Prevention and Safety Communication Intervention1361
DaraSaritaImpact of Fatigue Risk Management System on Fatigue and Situation Awareness in Intensive Care Unit Nurses799
DasBanibrataErgonomics evaluation of work related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSDs) among the female brick field workers of West Bengal, India164
DaviesKarenA strategic approach to healthcare facility and workforce commissioning1213
De BelerNathalieDesign and deployment process of ICT tools, supporting the collaboration of teams involved in a project1636
De Brito PradoBrunaMicro accessibility quality evaluation nearby school area for public transport users1562
De BruyneMiekeInfluence of different stool types on muscle activity and lumbar posture in dentists during a dental screening task1319
De CarvalhoPauloExpanding Ergonomics: Prospects and Pitfalls2017
De La GarzaCeciliaExperience feedback of an iterative evaluation process as part of a design project to support a Human Factors engineering program in the nuclear field558
De La VegaEnriqueCharacterization of Musculoskeletal Disorders in the manufacturing industry in Sonora Mexico1014
De VriesLindaOvercoming the challenges of integration of Human-centred Design within the Naval Architecture ship design process1706
DelaruelleDirkErgonomic improvements go hand in hand with productivity in a logistic environment45
DelgouletCatherineVisibility and invisibility of some forms of weakening at work in five large French companies1145
DelisleAlainTop-down estimation of joint moments during manual lifting using inertial sensors1534
DetienneFrancoiseAnalysing the evolution of online communities: developmental and narrative approaches935
DewanganKrishnaJob demand and human-machine characteristics on musculoskeletal pain among female weavers in India1703
DewiLucianaApplying WISH Programme to Improve Productivity of Home Industry365
DodshonPhilippaUsing Bow Tie analyses to enhance accident investigation activities352
DraicchioFrancescoErgonomics journal abstracts: Content and text analysis from 1994 to 1998 and from 1998 to 2013948
DsinghAjitaDietary Intake and physical activity as a measure of Posture analysis Found Among School Going Girls and Boys of 12 To 14 Years of age1702
DuffettAlanAn intervention by VWA (Regulator of OH&S and Workers Compensation in Victoria, Australia) in the Wholesale Storage Industry to reduce injuries particularly those associated with manual order picking.497
DulJanIntegration of macro, meso, and micro ergonomics for delivering High-Quality Human Factors and Ergonomics (HQ-HFE) for business performance931
DunstanDavidReducing prolonged sitting in the office workplace: The Stand Up Australia program of research 1904
DurajVictorOrchard ladders with shorter rung spacing for stone fruit harvest1264
DursoFrancisHuman Systems Integration: Research and Promotion1095
EdwardsMarkA Preliminary Anthropometry Standard for Australian Army Equipment Evaluation102
EdwinMarionDehydration in New Zealand fishing vessel crews1501
EisertJesseUsing The Method Of Adjustment To Enhance Collision Warning Perception278
EkÅsa Perceived workplace safety culture among Swedish electricians806
EkÅsa Education into the future - Human factors courses with systems perspectives1903
EklundJorgenInteractive research – a strategy for ergonomics interventions1433
Eklund Jörgen A practitioner model for assessing manual lifting and lowering operations - included in the RAMP tool611
ElfordWendyUsing (near) real time data to bring ergonomics into a collaborative design process1183
ElfordWendyUsing Sensemaker® to assess productivity and health outcomes for a new building design and flexible work1236
EndsleyTristanMeasuring Culture: Evaluating Measures and Methods955
EndsleyMicaA Model of Organizational Situation Awareness (SA): Macroergonomic Factors Impacting SA in Organizations990
FaberMarcoAdaptive assembly sequence planning with respect to ergonomic work conditions627
FathallahFadiILO Practical Tools on Ergonomic Solutions to Occupational Safety and Health Hazards in Agriculture
FinsterbuschThomasA New Methodology for Modelling Human Work - Evolution of the Process Language MTM towards the Description and Evaluation of Productive and Ergonomic Work Processes330
FischerKlausCapacity building for sustainable supply chain management - HFE contributions1174
FischerKlausSymposium Proposal 1 Human Factors and Sustainable Development1181
FischerKlausSymposium Proposal 2 "Human Factors and Sustainable Development"1189
FlamardLaetitiaThe impact of organisational changes on work team: consolidation or deterioration?403
ForsmanMikaelUsability of six observational risk assessment methods971
ForsmanMikaelReliability in twelve ergonomists' three-category risk ratings in ten video recorded work tasks1412
ForsmanMikaelObservational Risk Assessment Methods1413
ForwardRosalindInfluencing nationally recognised training programmes for the purpose of applying evidence based manual task training across Australia505
FostervoldKnut IngeExploring the impact of incorporating lighting design in universal design processes by means of eye-movement recordings1313
FranzBenjaminEvaluation of the SAGAT method for highly automated driving154
FraserMargoIntegrating Ergonomics/Human Factors (E/HF) into the Design Process at a Petrochemical Manufacturing Company: Successes, Failures and Barriers847
FrayMikeAn evaluation of the biomechanical risks for a range of methods to raise a patient from supine lying to sitting in a hospital bed1318
FrayMikeDeveloping a worldwide method for cost benefit analysis for safe patient handling interventions, to be completed by safe patient handling practitioners. A pilot study1324
FreivaldsAndrisValidation of the Kinect System for Industrial Motion Analysis338
FukuzumiShinichiInternational cooperation of certification accreditation professional ergonomists304
FukuzumiShinichiThe role of certified professional ergonomist and the positioning in industry in Japan534
FurnellAlistairScoping Analyses for the Anthropometric Survey of the Royal Australian Navy (ASRAN)188
GalindoHelenSafety Learning System: reporting work, health and safety in a patient safety system 1111
GallagherSeanResults of a systematic review of the interaction between force and repetition: Evidence of a causal fatigue failure process in musculoskeletal tissues969
GallagherSeanA fatigue failure-based ergonomics assessment tool for low back disorders: The Low Back Cumulative Trauma Index (LBCTI)1363
GangopadhyaySomnathRolling mills of West Bengal, India: Present scenario and scope for improvement255
GardinerSueReducing the risk of MSD for nurses during IV bladder irrigation procedures2028
GeChangThe effect of product style on consumer satisfaction: Regulation by product involvement707
GembarovskiAlisonPsychosocial factors and musculoskeletal disorders - the challenges for the Victorian Regulator1159
GemmaSandraThe work of outsourced cleaning agents in a public university43
GemmaSandraThe work in the jewelry manufacturing437
GermanJosephineErgonomically-Designed Light Rail Transit (LRT) Cart for Persons with Special Cases (PSCs)2008
GhibaudoLidiaThe importance of physical assessment to validate virtual simulation assembly tasks scenario556
GhibaudoLidiaSoftware to manage allocation of workers on manufacturing productive units.560
GilkeyDavidDeveloping Innovative Partnerships to Reduce Deaths from All-Terrain Vehicle use in Agricultural Operations682
GilsonNicholasProject Energise: Using participatory approaches and real time prompts to reduce occupational sitting and increase physical activity in office workers1910
GoebelMatthiasWestern Management styles and African culture - compatiblity issues and propects in industrial organization in Southern Africa1404
GoebelMatthiasThe impact of the quality of fluorescent light tubes on performance, work strain and well-being of office workers1423
GontarPatrickPilots' Decision-Making under High Workload: Recognition-Primed or Not - An Engineering Point of View 1836
GoossensRichardErgonomic design requirements for a safe grip to prevent falling of older persons in the bathroom1295
GotoLyè Analysis of a 3D Anthropometric Data Set of Children for Design Applications1418
GottelandCorinneWork analysis of supervisors as a design activity of frameworks developed by daily and occasional microprojects597
GottelandCorinneSupporting energy transitions. Project management as a learning device and accompanying professional transitions603
GrafMaggieShould we recommend people to stand more than sit at work?1604
GreggSarahHuman Factors of Run Through Switches in US Rail Operations2009
GronSisseChronicle workshops - a participative method to develop workplaces1895
GronSisseChampions in workplace development1920
GruginskiBiancaErgonomic analysis of immunization activity in a Health Unit in Brazil1484
GruginskiBiancaPostural analysis of seafood farmers through the use of motion sensors1779
GruginskiBiancaErgonomic Analysis of Work in a Marine Mollusc Farm in Southern Brazil1790
GuXiuzhuValidating dialysis patient satisfaction scale by its correlation with healthcare performance indicators387
GuidaHilka FlaviaCorporate ergonomics programmeatan Energy Brazilian Company967
GuidaHilka FlaviaErgonomic Work Analysis applied to Water Treatment Plants: integrating knowledge and promoting work conditions and process performance improvements974
GustafssonSusanneRethinking potential connection between gender, work- and family life and how to link the emerging reasoning to well-being927
GustafssonEwaTexting on mobile phone and musculoskeletal symptoms. A 5 years cohort study1900
GutierrezAlma An Evaluation of the Factors in Comprehensibility of Industrial Safety Signs for the Color Vision Deficient Population128
GutierrezAlmaA multi-dimensional study on the relationship of emotional intelligence to the multitasking ability of nursing students: A structural equation modelling approach132
GylesDonaldCoordination and Cooperation in Air Traffic Control (ATC)1065
HabibRimaThe changing status of Syrian women migrant farm workers: from seasonal worker to refugee and worker116
HaightJoelThe Design and Use of Automated Control Systems; where does the human operator optimally fit in? State of the Literature and Proposed Research2001
HalleStephaneCooling technologies for reducing thermal constraints in deep underground mines: OHS challenges1311
HallstromKristinaFunctional Healthcare Design for Mobilization and Ergonomics - Based on Patient Mobility196
HallstromKristinaImproving quality of care and workflow, by optimising the working conditions - a case study on a Danish Nursing Home1379
HancockGabriellaA Heuristic-Based Re-Evaluation of the IBM Academic Initiative Project Interface333
HancockPeterPleasure: Goal or by-product of optimal design?1882
HansonLarsVirtual Verification of Human Robot Collaboration in Truck Tyres Assembly883
HarrisCourtenayCan iPad applications promote pre-primary children's fine motor skills development?1912
HarrisCourtenayRelationships between social skill, problem behaviours and exposure to social networking sites amongst adolescents1915
Harris AdamsonCarisaPersonal, psychosocial, and biomechanical risk factors for work disability from carpal tunnel syndrome: a pooled prospective study1373
HartnagelDavidHow emotional intelligence influences residents' emergency care activity?956
HashimotoDaisukeInfluence of posture awareness signals to the upper extremity posture and muscular loads during mobile device use735
HaslamRogerThe granting of a Royal Charter: an anachronism or a major development for ergonomics and human factors?1362
HassallMaureenImproving human control of hazards in industry459
HeddadNadiaWork, Space and Organisation, a performance issue1630
HehirStephenSafe Design of a Parcel Sorting System189
HeidenMarinaPrediction of trunk and shoulder postures in paper mill workers by statistical modelling – an empirical validation study608
HelanderMartinEQUiD and Affective Design1147
HelinKajUsability of ARgh! AR-system for on-the-job learning - Usability tests in mixed reality lab778
HelligTobiasRequirement analysis of multimodal human-machine interfaces for machine tools1839
HeltonWilliamCornering Law: The Need for Further Research and Development34
HelyMaxEffects of automatic train protection on driver performance, behaviour and workload1695
HembeckerPaula KarinaErgonomics evaluation of an packaging workstation in a electric supply industry321
HemphäläHillevi Visual Ergonomics Lighting Workshop1119
HernandezGuillaumeFive unexpected effects of HOF actions of improvement in risk industries649
HignettSueCommunity care: Injury risks for patients and staff when care is provided by solo or team working157
HignettSueWorkshop Title: What do healthcare staff need to know about Human Factors & Ergonomics? Defining core competencies and accredited educational and training providers208
HignettSueInternational Panel on Patient Handling Ergonomics (IPPHE)232
HignettSueHealthcare Ergonomics: Reaching out into all areas of Clinical Practice (or Touching and Analyzing the Elephant)1942
HignettSueUsing Human Factors & Ergonomics to tackle Slip, Trips and Falls risks in Care Environments
HinckfussKellyNovel pulse oximetry sonification for monitoring preterm neonates on oxygen support1080
HinoYasumichiSimple countermeasure for prevention of fall from portable ladder and residential roof207
HirschLilyClutching at holds: Railway carriage design and passenger placement decisions in Mumbai, India1586
HochiYasuyukiEffects of the Organization Development of First-Year Experience and Developed Evaluation Scale in Japan: Focused on the Psychosocial Aspects among Freshman of University1225
HofmannThomasAdaptive Products - emotional bond by polymorphic objects?1194
HofmannThomasSteps towards an Augmented Reality workspace for Air Traffic Controllers1196
HogbergDanIdentification of redundant boundary digital human models1742
HoldenRichardExamining patient work: The who, what, where, and why of chronic illness self-care870
HoltermannAndreasThe combined relationship between occupational physical activity and self-reported cardiorespiratory fitness with cardiovascular disease mortality: A Prospective Investigation in the Copenhagen City Heart Study341
HoltermannAndreasCan a multi-component intervention reduce sitting time among office workers? A randomized controlled workplace trial1907
HorberryTimHuman Centred Design for Mining Equipment and New Technology174
HorreyWilliamEngagement in distracting tasks: Subjective and physiological responses to interesting and boring information and the implications for driving performance855
HorriganKenUsing Ergonomics to Develop a Positive Safety Culture473
HorriganKenNeuroscience: The Brains Behind Behaviour Based Safety547
HoughtonRobInterface design for prognostic asset maintenance on the underground railway1384
HsiaoHongweiStructural Firefighting Glove Sizing and Use273
HsiaoHongweiBody Models of Occupational Groups for Special Vehicle Design Applications274
HuangDing HauJudgment of perceived exertion by static and dynamic facial expression1137
HuangDing HauComparison of Borg- and Facial pictorial-RPE for perceived exertion1144
HughesGarethDeveloping Human Factors Standards for a Transport Organisation1462
HunterRodneyLoading profile of the landing foot on stair treads and their nosings during descent1863
HunterRodneyPhotographic study of stair ascent and descent on public stairways1864
HuysmansMaaikePredicted physical exposures during computer use were related to neck-shoulder symptoms in a large cohort of office workers939
HuysmansMaaikeInterventions to reduce sedentary behaviour and increase physical activity during productive work - Preliminary results of a systematic review1906
IbrahimNurul IkhmarVoice Control Interfaces: When, how and why they are used by drivers in Australia1214
InoueTetsuriEvaluation of Visual Fatigue and Sense of Presence for CAVE-like multi-projection display670
IpsenChristineManagement across distances - how to ensure performance and employee well-being580
IwaasaTakumiA Field Study towards Revitalization of Aging Cities in Japan1204
JacksonHeatherProfiling the features of risk control culture in the NSW mining industry using automated text analysis470
Jacob AlexandreHuman Factors study at a national bank agency1050
JahnMichelleDeveloping Medication Safety Training Applications with Software Patients for Human Teams685
JakobssonMarianneWork environment and patient safety during planning, design and procurement of workspace for advanced medical equipment.801
JamesTamaraThe State of Mobility Assessments - Use and Relationship to Falls Prevention and Patient Lift Equipment995
JensenPer LangaaCrucial theory for practical work and research in human factors in organisational design and management (ODAM)1885
JeonMyounghoonLessons from Emotional Driving Research235
JessoMatthewMusic Interventions during a Sustained Attention Response Task1442
JohanssonGerdWorking and living with home care - a workplace for one, a home for the other652
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