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Humanizing Work and Work Environment

Dec. 9-11, 2016
Indian Society of Ergonomics (ISE)

Jalandhar-Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology witnessed a remarkable display of knowledge, creativeness and thoughts at a premier multidisciplinary conference today inaugurated by The Department of Industrial & Production Engineering. This manifold premise voyage, “14th Annual International Conference” on “Humanizing Work and Work Environment, Dec. 9-11, 2016 of Indian Society of Ergonomics (ISE) endorsed by International Ergonomics Association (IEA) to explore and discuss opportunities related to ergonomics and human factors engineering for participants from all over the globe endowing diverse areas open for further research and study. The theme of the conference was based upon Health, safety and Environment of workers at work place whether it is Industry, office, home, agriculture, mining, healthcare, process industry or any work place. Ergonomics is basically focused to economize human efforts and design the work place and work environment as per the capabilities and limitations of human being. The three Ps of productivity, prevention and professionalism are all embraced.

The co-chair and organising secretaries of the conference; Dr. Lakhwinder Pal Singh, Dr. Sarbjit Singh elaborated that, 15 key note lectures, 25 lead lectures, two hundred and twenty five abstracts were received with more than one hundred and fifty empirical papers. One hundred and seventy five researchers and delegates from different corners of the world including Japan, Brazil, South Africa, US, Canada contributed their valuable research findings and attended the conference and presented their expert lectures in the conference. A very special part of the conference was witnessed in the form of first BRICS meeting of International Ergonomics Association (IEA) was held for the first time in India at NIT Jalandhar premises followed by annual general body meeting of Indian Society of Ergonomics (ISE). The representatives of the BRICS countries outside India appreciated the initiative taken by the organisers to host the first BRICS meets in the premises of NIT Jalandhar. The members of the BRICS emphasised upon expansion of IEA and research collaborations among universities and technical institute of BRICS countries. The tracks of the conference left no topic untouched. Starting from occupational health, safety and environment, agriculture, sports science and human performance, biomechanics, anthropometry, biomechanics themes were covered (to mention a few).

Prof. Uday Kumar, Director, MNIT, Jaipur was the Chief Guest of the inaugural ceremony. Dr.Yushi Fujita, President IEA was the Guest of Honor. President IEA discussed how IEA has begun moving forward to implement its new strategies. President ISE, Dr. A.K. Ganguli shared his expertise on good ergonomics being good business. Prof. L K Awasthi, Director NIT Jalandhar appreciated the efforts put on by the organizers; Dr. Lakhwinder Pal Singh, Dr. Sarbjit Singh, Dr. Arvind Bhardwaj and Dr G S Dhaliwal, and has admired the hosting of World’s first BRICS meeting on Ergonomics in the premises of NIT Jalandhar. He also greeted the BRICs and IEA delegation for their active participation. The proceedings of the event were inaugurated by Dr. Yushi Fujita, president IEA. Prof. Jose Orlando Gomes from Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil addressed the key note on ergonomics as a source of low cost innovation: a case from Latin America. The Organising secretaries; Dr Sarbjit Singh and Dr Lakhwinder Pal Singh of the conference expressed their sincere thanks to the Director, Chief Guest and the delegates

Prof. Adarsh Kumar, Prof. Prakash C. Dhara, Prof. Abid Ali Khan, Prof. Mohammad Muzammil, Prof. N. Bhattacharya, Prof. D. Chakrabarti, Dr. Lakhwinder Pal Singh, Prof. Nivedita Bose, Prof. Utpal Barua and Dr. Parveen Kalra were the lead speakers and also chaired the sessions for the day.

The published book with abstracts of the conference was inaugurated by the dignitaries on the dice. Recognizing the relevance and contributions of this educational expedition, Sprienger offered scholarships for young researchers titled as “Young Researcher Award” to the tune of $200 for undergraduate, $150 for post graduate and $100 for PhD presenters as vouchers for e-books. After an eventful day, a well-organized dinner and warm hospitality ended the comprehensive journey.

In the evening of the day a very prestigious event took place in the form of annual BRICS meeting of IEA. The meeting was chaired by Dr.Yushi Fujita, President IEA, and the scope of exploring the new Ideas and challenges towards societal betterment throughout the GLOBE and providing a international platform to solve the ergonomics bases Industrial and environmental problems. The meeting was hosted by the organizers of HWWE-2016, and attended by BRICS members, ISE executive body.

On Dec 10, 2016 Dr. Dhurjati Majumdar, Vice President Indian Society of Ergonomics (ISE) addressed a key note on ‘Soldiers sustainability and ergonomics research in defence in India.’ Prof. Paulo Antonio Barros Oliveira concentrated his note on ‘The development of Ergonomics in Latin America: advances and perspectives’. Prof. Debkumar Chakrabarti also enlightened the researchers with his work on ‘Design Ergonomics and some trust issues’. Prof. Andrew Todd from University of Rhodes South Africa was also present to share his views on ‘International Ergonomic association development plans in Asia and specifically India’.

ISE’s Annual General Body Meeting was held to discuss different developments taken place till date. Both the president and vice president ISE were present. During the meeting it was also decided and announced that Aligarh Muslim University has conduct the second ergonomics meeting.

In addition to the above speakers and eminent delegates and researchers, established personalities in the field of academics chaired the sessions and were the lead speakers. To quote a few, Dr. Deepti Majumdar, Prof. Parimalam , Prof. Mohammad Muzammil, Prof. K.N. Dewagan, Dr. Ritu Gupta, Prof. Shriram sane, Prof. Sougata Karmakar and Dr. Rauf Iqbal.

The diverse topics covered touched all extremes and means of the title of the conference. Citing some included, ergonomics in marketing, healthcare systems, musculoskeletal disorders, industrial safety, ageing etc. The conference proved that humanitarian approach and direction to any study is the best approach.

In the evening annual general body meeting (AGM) of ISE was held, chaired by Dr A K Ganguly, different issues regarding opening the regional chapters of ISE, emphasis was putt on to explore new ideas to resolve the social industrial and domestic problems

The organizers, Dr. Lakhwinder Pal Singh, Dr.Sarabjit Singh, and Dr. A. Bhardwaj and the organizing department of Industrial and Production Engineering left no gaps fulfilled. Evening ended musically with a cultural show and gala dinner at ‘Rangla Punjab’, the ethnic resort.

Left to right: Prof A Bardwaj, Prof Sarbjit Singh, Prof. Yushi Fujita (President, IEA), Prof. Lakhwinder Pal Singh, Prof L K Awasthy, (Director NIT Jalandhar) greeting the President IEA and President of ISE respectively.

Group Photo after Inauguration

Left to right: Prof A Bardwaj, Prof Sarbjit Singh, Prof. Yushi Fujita (President, IEA), Prof L K Awasthy, (Director NIT Jalandhar), Prof Uday Kumar Yaragatti (Chief Guest , Director NIT Jaipur), Dr A K Ganguly ( President ISE), Prof Vishal Sharma, Prof. Lakhwinder Pal Singh during the launch of abstract book and CD.

BRICS meeting of IEA held at NIT Jalandhar