The work of the IEA is accomplished by academicians and practitioners. However, many initiatives vital for the development of ergonomics as a unique science and profession cannot be funded with existing resources. The IEA Sustaining Membership program supports the science and application of ergonomics worldwide and it provides exposure and enhances the image of sustaining members. Organizations and individuals are invited to become Sustaining Members to support the development of ergonomics worldwide, including in industrially developing countries, to disseminate ergonomic knowledge to the industry and to society at large, to promote ergonomics education and competency standards, and to support the work of IEA Technical Committees. IEA is a non-profit organization. No monetary benefits are given to people involved in the operation of the IEA. This means that 100% of IEA funds support the implementation of the IEA goals.

IEA Organizational Sustaining Membership

Each of the four levels of organizational support offers specific benefits.

Gold level – US $ 1,000/year

  • Listing on the IEA website
  • Complimentary electronic copy of monthly IEA NewsBriefs and regular updates from the IEA President to the Federated Societies.

Platinum level – US $ 5,000/year

  • All benefits at the Gold level
  • Official listings in the programs of the IEA Triennial Congress
  • Two complimentary registrations for the forthcoming IEA Triennial Congress
  • Organization logo on IEA website home page with active link to the member’s corporate website

Diamond level – US $ 10,000/year

  • All benefits at the Platinum level
  • Complimentary distribution of the organization’s promotional materials at the IEA Triennial Congress
  • Display of the organization’s logo at the IEA Triennial Congress
  • Other benefits, such as an invited address by an IEA officer, can be negotiated

Star level – US $ 25,000/year

  • All benefits at the Diamond level
  • Three additional complimentary registration at the IEA Triennial Congress
  • Acknowledgment on the inside front cover of the Triennial Congress program brochure
  • Free exhibit booth for distribution of promotional materials at the IEA Triennial Congress
  • Additional benefits can be negotiated


IEA Individual Sustaining Membership 

Individual Sustaining Members support the advancement of human factors and ergonomics internationally through voluntary annual contributions. Such support enables IEA to undertake projects and initiatives that cannot be covered by Federated Society dues alone.

IEA Individual Sustaining Members or Sustaining Fellows may contribute in the following categories:

  • Contributor (annual contribution of US $200)
  • Supporter (annual contribution of US $500)
  • Benefactor (annual contribution of US $1000 and above)

At the IEA Congress, Individual Sustaining Members will receive a special ribbon, and will be acknowledged from the podium at the Opening Plenary Session.

At the Benefactor level, Individual Sustaining Members may designate a purpose to which their funds should be assigned; for example

  • IDC Fund – Used for Triennial Congress registrations for attendees from low-middle-income countries (LMICs) and for designated outreach and activities with LMICs (e.g., workshops)
  • Current IEA projects and activities

    • General outreach and activities
    • Webinars, meetings (now on Zoom),
    • Collaboration with external entities (e.g., ILO, WHO guidance document on HFE applied to healthcare and patient safety, ISQua),
    • Creation of HFE guidance for external organizational leaders and managers

For more information and an application form, please download the IEA Sustaining Membership brochure. If you have questions, please contact the Vice President/Secretary General at, or the IEA Secretariat Administrator at