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IEA Checkpoints 2nd Edition

In 1996, a joint publication on Ergonomic Checkpoints was released by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and became one of the largest circulating documents from their series. In 2006, the IEA and the ILO recommenced this process with a review and subsequent development of the 2nd Edition of the Ergonomic Checkpoints. In 2009, we launched a second edition as a further demonstration of partnership and commitment between the IEA and the ILO.

In 2010, Dr. Shengli, from the ILO, notified the IEA that the Second Edition of Ergonomic Checkpoints was published. This joint IEA and ILO project updated on the highly successful first edition that ILO published in 1999. Like the first edition, these checkpoints use sound ergonomics principles and seek to identify simple, practical and inexpensive solutions to 132 problem areas. These workplace situations include: materials storage and handling, hand tools, machine safety, workstation design, lighting, hazard control, welfare facilities and work organization. This is the work product of many dedicated ergonomists from the IEA contributing their time and talents. The IEA is proud to be a part of this publication, which we believe can reduce work, related accidents and diseases and improve safety health and working conditions. The IEA and the ILO agreed to make this document available for a free download on the IEA home page.


The IEA is grateful for the financial support and resources that were provided by the ILO to assist in the development of the Ergonomic Checkpoint publications. We are also grateful for the support provided by Dr. Khai and Dr. San in Vietnam in the development of the illustrations. The overall leader for these joint projects were Dr. Kazutaka Kogi from Japan. Dr. Kogi were tireless in his commitment and dedication in the development of these publications.