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IEA Future of Ergonomics Committee

After examining the internal dynamics of the IEA organization, the IEA turned to external and future directions for the field. In 2010, an ad hoc committee was assembled, under the auspices of Ralph Bruder and the Development and Promotion Subcommittee, to examine our field and future directions. Clearly this estimation will have implications for how the IEA should position itself strategically. It also provides direction for each of the federated societies and how collectively we can advance the field. This committee was completed its work and presented a White Paper to Council at our meeting in Recife. The paper will be published in Ergonomics, and will be available for download soon afterward. This committee was headed by Jan Dul (Chair, Netherlands) and a group of highly experienced professionals including: Ralph Bruder (Germany), Peter Buckle (UK), Pascale Carayon (USA), Pierre Falzon (France), Bill Marras (USA), John Wilson (UK), and Bas van der Doelen (Secretary, Netherlands). We thank the members of this team for their work and commitment to this important effort. We also thank the Development and Promotion Standing Committee for starting this initiative. This is arguably the most significant strategic initiative undertaken by the IEA executive and has implications for all of us.