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IEA Good Practices Database

As chair of the Professional Standards and Education Standing Committee, Yushi Fujita reinvigorated a subcommittee after several changes required a transition in leadership. The goal of this subcommittee was to disseminate good ergonomic practices for educational purposes. There are currently several databases around the world at universities and websites. Integrating these would be a valuable outcome. Building on the Japan Ergonomics Society (JES) initiative, there has been an effort to use language and cultural similarities to increase the database to Chinese. There is an effort between the Japanese and Taiwanese societies to translate these best practices to Chinese and make it accessible to more people. Chih-Wei Lu of Ergonomics Society of Taiwan (EST) formally took charge of the subcommittee in 2011. A roundtable discussion was held at IEA2012 to share ideas for educational practices.