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IEA/ICOH Collaboration in Publishing Ergonomic Guidelines

After many years of work from many dedicated individuals, the IEA and the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) jointly published “Ergonomic Guidelines”. These guidelines are designed to assist personnel in the field of occupational health who have a limited knowledge of ergonomics. They outline the process of identifying, assessing and controlling problems related to health and safety in the workplace. The ultimate aim is that they can provide assistance in planning basic intervention strategies based on sound ergonomics principles.

We are deeply indebted to former IEA and ICOH presidents Ian Noy and Jean-Francois Caillard for their leadership to begin this process with a Memorandum of Understanding between our two organizations. Work began at the IEA Triennial Congress in San Diego in 2000 with a small group who discussed how to implement this project. Kazutaka Kogi, Barbara McPhee and Pat Scott made up the core group responsible for the majority of the development work. After many years of hard work and persistence and with the financial support from the ICOH, the IEA, the Institute for the Science of Labour (ISL) in Japan and the Jim Knowles Group in Australia, Kurt Landau from Ergonomia and the IAD Institute for Ergonomics from the University of Technology Darmstadt in Germany supported the printing of these Guidelines. Thanks to the efforts of so many over the years to make this publication possible. These Ergonomic Guidelines are available for free downloads at the IEA home page.