Date:Jan 2019

Dear Presidents and Members of the IEA Federated/ Affiliated societies and Networks,

We feel very fortunate and honored to work with you all. This year has been very fruitful and full of achievements for our IEA community.

Among the other initiatives and projects:

1) The realization of our Triennal Congress IEA2018 with the participation of more than 1800 people from more than 70 countries, and more than 150k downloads of the IEA2018 Proceedings.

2) The collaboration with ILO for the realization of the human factors and ergonomics guidelines and activities on the Future of Work.

3) The collaborations with ISQUA and WHO Patient Safety Unit for integrating human factors in the promotion of quality and safety in healthcare worldwide.

4) The consolidation of our member international networks (FEES, ULAERGO, ERGOAFRICA) and the formal constitution of the network ACED and BRICS Plus.

5) The renewal of collaborative efforts with ULAERGO in Latin America and support of educational programs in several countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Please see the website for a report on a recent delegation to Cuba.

6) The first official IEA visit to Cuba to participate in the XIX CUJAE Engineering & Architecture Congress organized by the Technological University of Havana with the aim of supporting the Cuban Ergonomics Society in their education, research, and industry endeavors.

7) Completed the IEA History Book, 1985-2018. Watch for its publication in 2019.

Thanks to the efforts of you all our Association is moving towards fostering a global community that can create bridges and cooperate with other international and national networks and organizations.

For the New Year 2019 we hope to develop new collaborations and projects with the active role of all the federated societies and as ergonomists and experts in human factors make a difference in building a sustainable world for our future generations.

We wish a Wonderful 2019 to you, your families and your community.

Kathleen Mosier, Sara Albolino, and Jose Orlando
IEA Officers on behalf of the IEA Executive Committee