There are currently six Standing Committees established to supervise specific areas of IEA activities. The Chairs of the IEA Standing Committees are appointed by the IEA President for his/her executive term. The Chairs appoint the members of their committee for the same term, under the guidance of the IEA officers.

The IEA Standing Committees are:

Traditionally this Standing Committee is headed by the Past President. The Awards Standing Committee is responsible for organising the formal recognition of members of the Federated Societies that have made outstanding contributions to the field of HFE on an international level. There are annual and triennial Awards. Most Awards are granted after application from a Federated Society and approval or decision by appropriate peers, chosen by the Awards Standing Committee Chair..

Chair: Kathleen L. Mosier, Immediate Past President

Co-Chair: Mario Cesar Vidal

The Communication and Public Relations (CPR) Standing Committee promotes  awareness of the IEA and HFE on a global basis.  It maintains interaction with international partner organizations, disseminates  IEA-related information, assists in developing and distributing IEA publications, coordinates donations of educational materials related to HFE, and conducting any other relevant activities.

Chair: Jonathan Davy

Co-chair and webinar programme coordinator – Sara Albolino
Co-chair and outreach coordinator – Sadeem M. Qureshi
Co-chair and outreach coordinator – Katie Buckley
IEA NewsBriefs editor – Sma Ngcamu-Tukulula
Strategic advisor – Noorzaman Rashid
Senior liaison with external stakeholders – Michelle Robertson

The Development and Promotion (DP) Standing Committee develops and coordinates plans and proposals concerning IEA operation and structure, and assists in development of policy recommendations to better serve the Federated Societies and the international ergonomics community. It is therefore relevant to the function and effectiveness of the IEA

Chair: Elina Parviainen

Co-chair: Alexandr Volosiuk

Video about the DP Standing Committee by Elina Parviainen presented at IEA2021


The International Development (ID) Standing Committee promotes, coordinates, and implements IEA policies and activities at a regional level to expand the reach of the IEA. It is particularly involved with initiatives supporting research, development, training, and conferences in industrially developing countries.

Chair: Anindya Ganguli


Eng. Martin Rodriguez, Latin America
Prof. Paulo Antonio Barros Oliveira, Latin America
Prof. Nelson Ekechukwu, Africa
(in collaboration of Prof. Paulo Antonio for African Portuguese speaking countries)
Prof. Liang Ma, Asia
Eng. Christopher R. Reid, North America

Prof. Jennifer Gutierrez, Asia

The Professional Standards and Education (PS&E) Standing Committee provides advice about ergonomics education and guidance on professional conduct. It promotes the development of and endorses professional certification bodies. The PS&E has published a Code of Conduct.

Chair: Takeshi Ebara

Certification Subcommittee Chair: Marion Edwin


Prof. Joao Alberto Camarotto, Latin America
Prof. Tahar Hakim Benchekroun, Africa
Prof. Yassierli, Asia

The Science, Technology and Practice (STP) Standing Committee promotes and coordinates the exchange of scientific and technical information at the international level. Key to this activity are the IEA Technical Committees (TCs),  which provide scientific support for the IEA triennial Congresses. These are special interest groups for specific areas of HFE,. Membership of the TCs is open to all members of Federated Societies and they have the task of facilitating the exchange of information between the interested members.

Chair: Nancy Black


Prof.  Rosemary Seva, TC’s
Prof. Karen Morales, Publications

The Chairs of the IEA Ad-hoc Committees are also appointed by the IEA President for his/her executive term but these committees generally finish their work at the end of the presidential term. Currently there are five ad hoc committees or positions:

The Future of Work Committee was formed in 2018 to investigate the current changes in the world of work and their HFE implications.


Prof. Andrew Thatcher, South Africa

Prof. Wei Zhang, China

This role was commenced in 2021 and aims to formalise the strategic planning of the IEA. The incumbent advises the officers and executive members.

Chair: Andrew Todd

This committee prepares the upcoming IEA triennial conference. The next conference will take place in Korea in 2024.

ChairMyung Hwan Yun

This person is appointed to advise the IEA Executive on website and information technology issues and to liaise with the website developers and hosts.

Chair: Takashi Kawai

This ad hoc committee was formed to coordinate the activities of IEA members involved in the setting of international standards (ISO Standards) relevant to HFE.

Chair: Shin’ichi Fukuzumi