The following links and documents for download are related to HF/E guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic and have been contributed by member societies and individuals.


From IEA Press

7 Practical Tips for Teleworking/Home Learning Using Tablet/Smartphone Devices (English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified characters, and Chinese (traditional characters) versions)



International Labor Organization (ILO)

World Day for Safety and Health at Work – Stop the pandemic: Safety and health at work can save lives


From HFES Australia


From the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF)

HF Guidance on Ventilator Design and Manufacturing

COVID-19 Podcast Series


From the Japan Ergonomics Society (JES)

JES_Preliminary Report of Survey on COVID19

Seven Practical Tips for Teleworking/Home-Learning using Tablet/Smartphone Devices


From the Chinese Ergonomics Society (CES)

Seven Practical Tips for Teleworking (Chinese translation by Chinese Ergonomics Society)


From the Ergonomics Society of Taiwan (EST)

Seven Practical Tips for Teleworking (traditional Chinese Characters)


From the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES)

HFES COVID19 – Overview

HFES COVID19 Reducing Stress

HFES COVID19 Disaster Management Logistics

HFES COVID19 Communications

HFES Town Hall Webinar: Facing the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Human Factors Considerations


From Asociación Uruguaya de Ergonomía (AUDERGO)


From the Venezuelan Society of Ergonomists (ASOERGVE)

Protección de la salud del personal sanitario covid_19