Completed European Union (Erasmus) Project: HEDY Life in the AI Era
HEDY is a project which provides massive open online courses (MOOC) for free and open access for participants, with interactive forums, focused on Life in Artificial Intelligence plus generating other resources of interest to HFE specialists. It was conducted by a consortium of research institutes across Europe and was funded by support from the European Union research fund Erasmus.
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-Life in the AI era – First result of the Erasmus+ HEDY project. A: SEFI 50th Annual conference of The European Society for Engineering Education. “Towards a new future in engineering education, new scenarios that european alliances of tech universities open up” from Careglio Davide, Angulo Bahón Cecilio, Alves Moreira Ana, Jakobi Antonia, Dimova Rozalina, Dovramadjiev Tihomir, Ejubovic Adisa, Sukhovii Evgenia, Kollar Csaba, Szabo Gyula. Barcelona: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2022, p. 1031-1040.
DOI 10.5821/conference-9788412322262.1339.
DOI 10.5821/conference-9788412322262.1339
-The special issue of the Safety and Security Sciences Review “HEDY – Life in the age of AI” was published with the support of the ERASMUS+ partnership cooperation in the higher education sectors project (KA220-HED 0C8D3623).

Transnational partnership

–    Bulgarian Association of Ergonomics and Human Factors (BAEHF) – FP
–    Adventure Rent Yacht – AP
–    Dentaprime Dental Clinic – AP

–    ACEEU GmbH – FP
–    Coordinator: OBUDAI EGYETEM (University) – Coordinator
–    AIDLEARN, Consultoria em Recursos Humanos, Lda. – FP