The current IEA Officers are now in the middle of their elected term and we have much to look back on and more to look forward to. The Executive (Chairs of the Standing Committees, Ad hoc members and officers) have all developed their strategic plans, initiated activities to meet them, and the first results were reported at our first in-person Council meeting with all of the Federated Society representatives. The meeting was held in Delft, The Netherlands, immediately before the Healthcare Systems and Ergonomics Conference, where we were happy to work on patient safety guidelines with the World Health Organisation. Our collaboration with the ILO has also produced fruit in the form of a new publication. We have also decided to organise a more formal structure for collaborating with the International Standards Association and a working group has been formed. There is a new Technical Committee networking members working in the area of resilience engineering and a further one connecting those interested in informal economies will soon be officially launched.

The Chairs of the Standing Committees have established their co-chairs, many of whom are organised on a geographical basis so that our international communication around the world is facilitated. All of them are very active and we look forward to further reporting on their activities and results within the next 18 months.

Many thanks to those who have contributed to the lively webinar series which is now part of our regular services. Our YouTube channel now has 16 recorded webinars for those who would like to update their knowledge of specific areas or find out about new themes.

We wish you all the best for 2023 and look forward to the work that lies ahead.

Dr Maggie Graf, Vice President -Secretary General on behalf of the IEA officers