IEA Triennial and Annual Awards Announced

It is an important function of the International Ergonomics Association to award formal recognition to members of Federated Societies who have made outstanding contributions to the field of HF/E on an international level. IEA Awards will be presented virtually at the IEA2021 Congress. The Awards Session is on June 18, 2021. IEA is pleased to announce the award recipients for the period of 2019-2021:



IEA Triennial Outstanding Educators Award

Jim R. Potvin (ACE)


 IEA Award for Promotion of Ergonomics in Developing Countries

Yassierli (Indonesian Ergonomics Society [PEI])


IEA Ergonomics Development Award

Erik Hollnagel


IEA Human Factors and Ergonomics Prize

The CIEHF Defence Sector Group


IEA/Elsevier John Wilson Award

Patrick Waterson (CIEHF)


 IEA President’s Award

  1. Ian Noy (ACE and HFES; Chair of IEA2021)


 K U Smith Student Award

  • Sadeem M. Qureshi (ACE)
  • Stephan Huber (Institut Mensch-Computer-Medien, Julius-Maximilians-Universität)
  • Renee L. Greene (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


ANNUAL AWARDS (For 2019-2020; 2021 to be selected)


IEA Fellowship Award


  • Biman Das (ACE)
  • Mica R. Endsley (HFES)
  • Daryle Gardner Bonneau (HFES)
  • Göran M. Hägg (NES)
  • Yoshinori Horie (JES)


  • Anthony D. Andre (HFES)
  • Mario Cesar Rodriguez Vidal (ABERGO)
  • David D. Woods (HFES)


  • M. Susan Hallbeck (HFES)
  • Robert G. Radwin (HFES)


The IEA/Kingfar Award for Student Research in Human Factors and Ergonomics Issues in Industrially Developing Countries


  • Gilbert J. Huber
  • Liuxing Tsao
  • Mengli Yu
  • Rodrigo Arcuri Marques Pereira


  • Qing-Xing Qu
  • Carlos Viviani Gonzalez
  • Guillermina Andrea Peñaloza
  • Natália Ransolin
  • Viviana Maura dos Santos
  • Vibha Bhatia
  • Elaine Aives de Carvalho
  • Abdulazeez Uba Muhammad


The IEA/Tsinghua Award for Collaborative Human Factors and Ergonomics Education for Industrially Developing Countries (The IEA/Tsinghua Award)


  • D.Y. Sha (EST)


  • José Orlando Gomes (ABERGO)
  • Vincent G. Duffy (CIEHF/HFES)