Prof. Peter Lundqvist,

Department of People and Society

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 

Box 190, 234 22 Lomma, Sweden

Phone: +46 40415495, Mobile phone: +46 707296115

e-mail: peter.Lundqvist (at)

Facebook: @SwedishAgSafety 


In up-coming revisions of this web. page there will be added further contact persons from different continents. 



This Technical Committee (TC) Agriculture has not been so active between our large triennial events within IEA. However, during those events there has been a number of valuable sessions with a focus on Agriculture and related industries (such as forestry and fishing) and a joint meeting is organized. The on-line IEA 2021 congress had a number of good sessions with focus on agriculture – thanks to everyone presenting and attending! 

The next main event is IEA 2024 in Korea and we will do our best to organize great sessions and a valuable meeting for everyone that wants to be a part of TC Agriculture. During the meeting there will also be an election of a TC steering board for the period 2024-2027. TC Agriculture has established a collaboration with the Agricultural Health and Safety Division, Rural Development Administration (RDA) in Jeonju, Korea in order to give visitors of IEA 2024 valuable information on recent health & safety related research and development within Korean agriculture.



  • To promote the implementation of ergonomic principles, guidelines, techniques and research findings in agricultural environments worldwide.
  • To act as a resource for the agricultural sector on matters related to ergonomics. 
  • To provide expertise, advice and guidance in the development of guidelines and standards related to agricultural ergonomics.
  • To be a platform for sharing information, ideas and best-practices as well as finding partners for collaboration and exchange programs and projects.


Up-coming events

IEA 2024 – 22nd Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association. Better Life Ergonomics for Future Humans. August 25-29, 2024. ICC JEJU, Republic of Korea

On-line events such as seminars on a special topic or exchange of ideas will be organized by the Technical Committee (TC) Agriculture, starting in September 2022


Valuable reports

Jones, A. Jakob, M. & McNamara, J. 2020. Review of the future of agriculture and occupational safety and health (OSH). Foresight on new and emerging risks in OSH, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. European Risk Observatory. Report, Bilbao, Spain, 2020,

Leppälä, J., Griffin, P., McNamara J. 2021. Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture: Sacurima Cost Action CA16123. Highlights and Conclusions, “Natural resources and bioeconomy studies” 2021, No. 63, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Helsinki, 2021,