Brazilian Association for Ergonomics (ABERGO)

Associação Brasileira de Ergonomia (ABERGO)



Lucy Mara Trunk, President

Lizandra Vergara, General Secretary

Jacinta Sidegum Renner, Treasurer

Valeria Barbosa, Secretariat



Av. Athos da Silveira Ramos, 274
CCMN – Prédio do NCE – Bloco C
Cidade Universitária – Ilha do Fundão
Rio de Janeiro – RJ – CEP: 21941-916

ABERGO Fact sheet



Having been established in 1983, ABERGO will be celebrating 40 years of its existence in November this year and growing its society to approximately 590 members! While the number of HFE professionals in Brazil is currently unknown, there is a recognition that a concerted effort to increase the number of HFE professionals is needed. Not only that, but ABERGO has over the years identified the need for HFE to be legislated and has been working with its government toward getting the HFE profession to be recognised, and get HFE requirements legislated. The Ministry of Labour already has approved the profession’s code and is set for official publication in early 2024. In support of this, one of ABERGO’s goals is to incorporate HFE in all the graduate courses’ basic curricula in Brazil. This is a project that is already in process, and it is anticipated that the integration should be realized shortly.

Overview of ABERGO activities

ABERGO set out to contribute to the advancement of HFE and to facilitate awareness and widespread implementation of HFE in different organisations and industries, as well as within its membership base. In line with this mandate, some of the activities that ABERGO provides include the following:

  • HFE webinars are hosted on a variety of topics that are of interest to ABERGO members.
  • On an annual basis, ABERGO organises the Brazilian Congress of Ergonomics, which attracts an audience of about 500 HFE academics and practitioners as well as professionals from cognate disciplines who are interested in HFE matters.
  • ABERGO is the custodian of the Brazilian Ergonomist Certification System (SisCEB) which is responsible for certifying HFE professionals. The SisCEB is one of the few in the world that has been endorsed by the IEA, which indicates that it is aligned with its certification requirements.
  • ABERGO also has made provision technical groups (TGs) which are a platform for its members to network, exchange ideas and information, and create opportunities for members and interested organisations to collaborate. The TGs also devise meaningful ways to enhance and develop relevant HFE skills for its members while also creating opportunities to raise awareness and disseminate targeted information to the public.
  • ABERGO has been involved in HFE advocacy work where they collaborate with Brazilian regulatory organisations to develop and review International Organization for Standardization Ergonomics-related material. Through its members, ABERGO continues to contribute to the development of HFE in regional (BRICS+ network) and international stages (IEA).


Upcoming ABERGO events

The 23rd edition of Brazilian Congress of Ergonomics will take place from 21 to 24 November 2023 in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. More information about the conference can be found here:

ABERGO Membership

ABERGO membership is open to HFE academics, practitioners, students, and organisations who meet the criteria. Membership information and registration details can be found here:

Recent Activities

XX Brazilian Ergonomics Congress – ABERGO 2020 Virtual, 1015 participants

XIX Brazilian Ergonomics Congress – ABERGO 2019 in Curitiba/PR, 642 participants

ABERGO International Conference on Ergonomics & 1st BRICs Conference was held in Porto Alegre, September 2017, more than 200 participants &

More than 200 certified professionals and more than 500 affiliates.

5 accredited ergonomics and human factors training programs and 2 in progress (MBA-type course).

More than 30 M.Sc. in ergonomics and human factors

More than 15 Ph.D. programs in ergonomics and human factors

300+ research groups on ergonomics and human factors led by at least 1 Ph.D. registered in the National Scientific Database by the Ministry of Science & Technology

The ergonomics and human factors discipline is compulsory for undergraduate courses in industrial engineering, industrial design, and architecture.