Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF)

Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF)

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Alex Stedmon

Consultant (Transport and Defence) and Expert Witness (Driver/Rider Behaviour)


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Tina Worthy

Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors



Recent Activities

The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors is recognised through its Chartered status as the professional membership body for ergonomics and human factors in the United Kingdom. We attract researchers, academics and practitioners from around the world, both to join us as members and to participate in our events. In 2020, we curated and broadcast over 40 live online events and published over 30 reports, guides and white papers engaging over 200 volunteer members and non-members.

In 2020, we completed the first year of our ambitious new five-year strategic plan “The Future Human”, which comprises four strands: creating a world-class organisation; supporting our members; the Future Human; the partner of choice. We re-stated our vision, ‘A world where integrated design improves life, wellbeing and performance’ and our mission ‘To become the pre-eminent professional home and voice for human factors’.  Just as importantly, we reframed our core values that drive the way we work:

  • Professional – maintaining the highest professional standards and ethical behaviour in research and practice
  • Inclusive – welcoming and respecting difference, recognising that diversity contributes to innovative thinking, design and solutions
  • Collaborative – generating and sharing knowledge and expertise to enhance integrated design

During 2020 we ran a significant number of social media campaigns to accompany key publications and events lifting our visibility. This included high profile recruitment videos involving members aimed at attracting academics researchers, authors and practitioners adding to our capacity to produce thought leadership.

Our weekly e-mail communications to members, monthly digital newsletter ‘Think’ and quarterly membership magazine, ‘The Ergonomist’, continue to be platforms for us to share information with members and others on a frequent basis, helping them to keep in touch with developments in the discipline.

The Institute has always strived to be diverse and inclusive. In 2020 we took the opportunity to ensure that we actively seek to be inclusive and to reflect our broader membership. An action plan was agreed by Council, which takes steps both to understand and to address potential barriers to inclusivity.

The ‘Future Human’ is a vital part of our strategic plan. It is about innovative and disruptive thinking that can make a significant contribution to life, well-being and performance. It’s also about raising awareness of the contribution of ergonomics and human factors across industry and society.

Collaborating and working with professional and occupational institutes, trade bodies, research entities, government departments, agencies and others will contribute to the CIEHF broadening and strengthening its influence and its ability to deliver all the elements of our strategy, including becoming a world-class professional body.