Ergonomics for Children and Educational Environments


Prof. Lawrence Shultz
Email: LJSchulz@Central.UH.EDU
ER.Sarbjit Singh
Some ECEE TC members who met at the IEA Congress in Beijing.

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Email: LJSchulz@Central.UH.EDU


The purpose of the EECE TC is to provide a forum for the international exchange of scientific and technical ergonomics information related to children and educational environments.

The Committee promotes professional and public awareness of ergonomics related to children of all abilities in all aspects of their lives and the application of ergonomics in all educational environments.

For Objectives see:

2007-2008 ECEE Report


Action Plan


Activities Description Responsible Milestones
1. Maintain website Update members Chair Ongoing NA
2. Maintain membership list with privacy preferences Determines web listing and networking Chair Ongoing NA
3. TC Bulletin Provide information and communication Pedro Henrique Aparicio Quarterly Next: February 2010
4. Encourage submissions of papers to the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society Conference in September 2010 Presentation of research and applied activities All? 2010 2-4 papers on topics related to children



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Researchers, clinicians and scholars share their thoughts on making an ergonomic lifestyle for children, youth and students.
Karen Jacobs – NES conference, August 2008

Children and Handguns. Hal Hendrick – 2008 HFES conference