Healthcare Ergonomics


Marijke Melles, PhD, Chair
Giulio Toccafondi, Cochair
Patient Safety and Quality Manger Clinical Risk Manager for the Center for Patient Safety – Tuscany Region 
Melissa Baysari, PhD, Cochair
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Systems & Safety Research, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, Australia
Sara Albolino, PhD, Cochair
Coordinator of the system reliability area for the Center for Patient Safety – Tuscany Region
Chair WHO Collaborating Centre in Communication and Human Factors for Delivery of Safety and Quality Care
Secretary Foreign Relationship of the Italian Ergonomics SocietyEmail: 
Vanina Mollo, Cochair
Assistant Professor
University of Toulouse, France



Contact Sara Albolino for more information or to join this Technical Committee.




• Actively contribute to the dialogue and interaction of ergonomics and human factors specialists with other disciplines working for and within the healthcare domain (medicine, engineering, psychology, architecture, sociology, management sciences)
• Collaborate with human factors specialists from other domains and integrate their knowledge and practice within healthcare ergonomics knowledge domain
• Contribute to IEA congresses, HEPS conferences and other relevant conferences with special sessions, symposia, papers and group meetings on healthcare ergonomics
• Coordinate the HEPS Conference Steering Committee and support the organizers of the event
• Collect, review and share “best practices” and “best experiences” for improving human factors and ergonomics in healthcare
• Support to the promotion of HEPS2016 Triennal Conference see the summary report from the Chairs Pierre Falzon and Vanina Mollo ; starting from 2017, promotion and organization of the call for bids and support to the Federated Society that organize the event. Please go to the Linkedin page to get info about how to submit a bid for hosting HEPS2019

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Topics of Interest


• Healthcare information technology
• Usability of equipment and devices
• Decision-making, leadership and management of patient safety
• Non technical skills: teamwork, communication, situational awareness
• Handover and medication reconciliation
• Patient safety in specific clinical settings (eg. ER, OR)
• Training and simulation
• Occupational ergonomics worker fatigue and patient safety
• Patient/citizen participation and education
• Patient Safety reporting and assessment
• Resilience and high reliability in healthcare systems
• Healthcare organization and management, and impact on work conditions and patient safety
• Patient-doctor communication and (shared) decision making
• Sociotechnical system approach
• Human factors engineering & design for healthcare


Structure and News


Run as a social network sustained by Linkedin
For upcoming events please look at our Linkedin page



Main activities in triennal plan 2015-2018


Participation in the realization of ILO Checkpoints about Ergonomics and Human Care

Participation in the realization of workshops, special sessions and symposia in preparation of IEA2018

Definition of shared best practices for ergonomics in healthcare

Definition of communication tools for diffusing solutions and best practices

Establishing collaborations with other organizations and IEA networks as FEES ULAERGO ERGOAFRICA and BRICS+ for joint projects on Patient Safety

Participation to a series of events (see the 2016-2017 Annual Report)




• HEPS2016 Congress Proceedings (download pdf below)

• A special edition of Ergonomics on patient safety in 2013, as a result of the best projects presented in HEPS

• A special issue in Ergonomics Journal about Healthcare Ergonomics issued in 2017

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Collaboration with other IEA Technical Committees


A collaborative group has been convened with TC13 (Musculoskeletal disorders).

A close link has been established with some TCs: ODAM, Musculoskeletal disorders, resulting in shared symposia at IEA2018.

A close link has been established with Human Computer Interaction – Italian Chapter
Close collaboration with ISQUA, WHO CC in Communication and Human Factors for Delivery of Safety and Quality Care

Memorandum Of Understanding with ISQUA for patient safety projects to develop in 2017-2020

Memorandum Of Understanding with ICOH Occupational Health Committee

A special issue in Ergonomics Journal about Healthcare Ergonomics issued in 2017