Hong Kong Ergonomics Society (HKES)



Dr. Yan Luximon

Associate Professor

School of Design

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Email: enquiry@ergonomics.org.hk / yan.luximon@polyu.edu.hk

Vice President

Dr. Ameersing Luximon

Professor of Practice

Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute/Tianjin University

Email: ieshyam@yahoo.com

General Secretary

Dr. Hailiang Wang

Assistant Professor

School of Design

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Email: secretary@ergonomics.org.hk/hailiang.wang@polyu.edu.hk


Dr. Fion Lee

Assistant Professor

UOW College Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Email: treasurer@ergonomics.org.hk/fhung@uow.edu.au

Fact sheet

About HKES

The Hong Kong Ergonomics Society (HKES) is Hong Kong’s principal professional body for advancing the science of ergonomics in Hong Kong. Part of HKES’s mandate is to promote HFE application, research, and education for the benefit of its members and the public.

While HKES focuses on growing the HFE discipline in Hong Kong, it also participates and contributes to the global HFE scene in a variety of ways. HKES has a global footprint, with its members being distributed across the globe, including Hong Kong, Mainland China, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. The HKES is one of the Federated Societies of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA). It is also a member of the Asian Council on Ergonomics and Design (ACED) and the Chinese Association of Ergonomics Society (CAES). HKES and its members actively participate in local and international activities. In the past years, HKES participated in the IEA Council meeting, voting for the IEA 2027 congress, HFE Policies Survey, EHF2022, and the joint international conference (ACED 2023, HWWE 2023, and BRICSplus HFE 2023).

Overview of HKES activities

To deliver on its mandate of achieving widespread understanding and implementation of HFE, HKES has developed several platforms aimed at its members and the public including the following:

  • The HKES council members play a key role in HFE advocacy initiatives. This includes providing advisory services for different committees in the Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Council.
  • The Society has also set up awards to recognise the work of HFE practitioners and students in advancing HFE in Hong Kong. This includes the following:
    • Ergonomics Best Practice Award to reward professional ergonomics practitioners and companies.
    • Outstanding Project Award to reward students who conduct an outstanding project in an area related to ergonomics.
  • The HKES committees work with members to organize events that promote information sharing, networking and collaboration between members and stakeholders. Some of the events that HKES organises include seminars and talks, hiking, and industry visits.
  • The Society has a newsletter and provides souvenirs for the members.
  • HKES recently launched its first newsletter which shares updates related to the society’s activities, initiatives, and achievements.

HKES Membership

HKES offers a variety of different membership options. This includes Fellow, Member/Associate, Corporate Affiliate, Student Member, and Emeritus Fellow/Member. Membership is open to all who share and support HKES’s objectives. More details about membership types and the application process can be found here: https://www.ergonomics.org.hk/membership