Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand (HFESNZ)

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand (HFESNZ)

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Marion Edwin (Chairperson, HFESNZ Rep, Certification Assessor)

Dave Moore (IEA Rep)

Hamish Mackie (Convenor of HFESNZ Professional Affairs Board)

Brionny Hooper (Committee Member)

Karl Bridges (Treasurer)

Katie Buckley (Committee Member)

Leanne Hunter (Certification Assessor)

Mark Boocock (Webinars)

Lyn Garrett (Co-opted Member)

Carol Unkovich (Administrator)

Recent Activities

The HFESNZ has been active and productive. A small society with just 92 current members, we have spent the last few years focused on internal restructuring to build our capacity and effectiveness. This has seen the Professional Membership categories included in the functions of the main society (rather than via a subcommittee) by altering our Rules to ensure that professional-level activities are a key driver for society activity.

We have a new website at; and we have hired a part-time administrator to support the day-to-day running and provide secretariat services. We have held a number of engaging conferences and member meetings, and regular information goes out to members via the monthly “HFE-News.” HFESNZ is a full and active member of the recently formed Health and Safety Association of New Zealand, which is working to raise the standards and professionalism for all professions working across the health and safety sector. This will see Certified Professional Members of HFESNZ able to list on the HASANZ Register, enabling businesses from throughout New Zealand ease in identifying when HFE might be able to assist and to access our services. This is due to “go live” in early 2018.

Associated with this growth in interest in the broader health and safety sector, we have increased our Professional Member numbers by 25%, and our overall membership numbers are beginning to rise. We have also participated in providing various pieces of feedback to our primary health and safety regulator following some major legislative changes in health and safety. We are working hard to leverage off the opportunities presented as a result of this change, to bring excellent HFE to positively impact on the well-being of more New Zealanders.

Current projects include providing feedback on a draft “Health and Safety by Design” guidance document; addressing the ongoing provision of quality HFE education in New Zealand; and ensuring regular and high-quality member events. It is ‘all go’ for the kiwis, and we are positive and upbeat about the place of HFE!

–Marion Edwin, Chair, HFES New Zealand (HFESNZ)