Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Singapore (HFESS)

Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Singapore (HFESS)

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Angela Li Sin Tan, Ph.D.,
Edwin Yap
Davy Lim
Ariel Ng

Recent Activities

HFESS held its election on 2 Mar and a fresh team of executives were elected. The new committee would be strategizing what HFESS needs to do to raise awareness of HFE in Singapore, promote HFE as the preferred continuing education option, and bring on board benefits for our members. There will be a lot behind the scene groundwork in 2018, and we should see the results in 2019. There will be a 10 year roadmap which our current President-Elect, My Edwin Yap, and our future President-Elects will continue to pursue as they step up as the President in our 2 year election cycle.