Japan Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (JES)

Japan Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (JES)

4C Taiyo-Bldg. Wakaba 1-10, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, 160-0011 JAPAN

Email : jes@ergonomics.jp
Website : http://www.ergonomics.jp/

The international gateway of JES is the IEA Council members. Even when you contact the president, please send email not only to the president but also to the IEA Council members.



Prof. Takashi TORIIZUKA, Ph.D., CPE-J


toriiduka.takashi (at) nihon-u.ac.jp


Prof. Miwa NAKANISHI, Ph.D.


miwa_nakanishi (at) ae.keio.ac.jp

IEA Council Member

Prof. Kentaro KOTANI, Ph.D.


kotani (at) kansai-u.ac.jp

IEA Council Member

Prof. Takeshi EBARA, Ph.D., CPE-J


ebara (at) med.uoeh-u.ac.jp

Japan Human Factors and Ergonomics SocietyEmail:jes (at) ergonomics.jp

Recent Activities

1) The election for new president and directors was held. Prof. Ryoji Yoshitake, past president of J-CPE, was elected as a president of JES. Prof. Yoshitake is the professor of Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo, and had been a researcher of Japan IBM for a long time. His new system is attaching importance to “practice” such as that he formed the committee related to industry-academia collaboration and also the supportive committee of young researchers. 2) The 59th annual meeting was held successfully in June at Sendai. Around 500 participants joined the meeting. From this annual meeting, JES started to issue e-proceedings using USB, instead of the proceedings booklet. 3) The examination of CPE will be held in September. Although J-CPE has had made two kinds of examinations until this year (one is the combination of a written examination with document screening review, and another is the full document review of applicants’ CV with no written exam), the full document review styled examination was decided to be discontinued after this year since. Hence more than 30 candidates are applying for the document review styled examination. 4) In the new JES system as well, Prof. Toriizuka has become the chairperson of the JES international cooperation committee and Prof. Kotani continues to support as a co-chair. Starting from this year, Prof. Takeshi Ebara joined as an IEA council member representing from JES. 5) JES has just started to discuss the issue of renaming of “Japan Ergonomics Society”, as to if “Human Factors” should be added. This discussion is still now ongoing.


JES Certification program for Professional Ergonomists has been publishing CPEJ newsletter in English. The most recent issues are   provided for download, other issues can be accessed at https://www.ergonomics.jp/cpe/en/e-publication

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