Schu Schutte, Chair
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
CSIR NRE (Mining)
PO Box 91320
Auckland Park, South Africa
Tel +27 113580000
Fax +27 114823267
Robin Burgess-Limerick, Co-chair
Burgess-Limerick & Associates
12 Ardoyne Rd
Corinda, 4075 Brisbane

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  1. Develop a practical framework, based on best practice, for the general implementation of ergonomic programmes at mines.
  2. Encourage the incorporation of sound ergonomics principles in the design of mining vehicles and mining equipment.
  3. Identify casual factors associated with the development of musculoskeletal disorders in mining and associated preventative strategies.


To implement the above objectives this TC creates Working Groups, with members as follows:WG1: Ergonomics programmes at mines
Dr. Barbara McPhee, Jim Knowles Group, NSW AustraliaWG2: Design of mining vehicles and mining equipment
Dr. Robin Burgess-Limerick, Burgess-Limerick & Associates, Brisbane, AustraliaWG3: Musculoskeletal disorders in mining
Dr. Elias Apud, University of Concepcion, Chile

Action Plan


Activities Description Responsible Milestones
1. Liason Promote TC activities within national ergonomics societies and related disciplines All Working Groups June 2009 Report at TC meeting at IEA 2009
2. Session and Panel Presentation of research papers and panel discussion on design of mining equipment All working groups. WG2 to arrange for panel discussion 5 papers and 1 panel with 5 panelists 2 sessions on Mining Ergonomics at the IEA Congress 2009