Società Italiana di Ergonomia e Fattori Umani (SIE)

Società Italiana di Ergonomia e Fattori Umani: SIE

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Francesco Draicchio (President)

Tommaso Bellandi (IEA Council Member and Secretary for International Affairs)
Tuscany Northwest Trust, Lucca

Sara Albolino (Vice President)
Umberto I Academic Hospital, Rome

Patrizia Serranti (Vice President)

Annalisa Lama (Secretary for National Affairs)
University of Naples Federico II, Naples

R.M.Società di Congressi (Secretariat)
Via Ciro Menotti 11
20129 Milano, ITALY
Tel: +39 02 70126367
Fax: +39 02 7382610

Recent activities

The Italian Society of Ergonomics and human factors (SIE) celebrated in 2022 its 13th trieannual congress, that was dedicated to explore connections between ergonomics and nudging, in different areas such as healthcare, safety at work, desing for all and robotics. A post conference book in English is in progress and will be published with Springer thanks to the previous cooperation with IEA proceedings.

SIE is working with the national standardization organization UNI to deliver a standard for the certification of experts in ergonomics and progessional ergonomist, according to the european legislation of professions and Eur.Erg. standard, in order to increase professional recognition in public services and private enterprises.

SIE is also promoting academic and professional education in general ergonomics and human factors, as well as in some specific areas of competence or industrial sectors.

SIE official journal, Rivista Italiana di Ergonomia e fattori umani is currently in transition to become fully digital. Since 2020 all the publications are available in open access, all the papers are in Italian and in English languages

After celebrating World Usability Day with national events since 2014, WUDSIE have become a technical committee to support innovation in the field of usability, with a special focus on the human centered design for health services of the future, more info at

During the Covid pandemic, we move to digital technologies with a series of weekly webinars running throughout the lockdown. We dedicated our journal to the ergonomics contribution to live with the pandemic and how to recover and redesign our systems after the pandemic. Now we are working with the national network of association of prevention on new approaches to manage work related stress and to prevent violence at the workplaces.

Isabella Steffan was nominated in 2022 as IEA fellow for her outstanding work on design for all at the national and international level.

Erminia Attaianese is the new president elected of CREE.