Société d'Ergonomie de Langue Française (SELF)

Société d’Ergonomie de Langue Française (SELF)

13, rue Planty
78200 Mantes La Joie
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Veronique Poete
Ergonome consultante – Alternatives ergonomiques
Secretary General
Philippe Negroni
Ergonome consultant – A Fabrica di l’Omu
Christian Blatter
Ergonome interne – SNCF
Vice President, National Affairs
Eric Liehrmann
Ergonomist–Consultant at the INRS
Vice President – International Affairs, IEA Delegate
Valérie Pueyo
Enseignante chercheuse en ergonomie – Université Lumière Lyon 2 – IETL
EA Delegate
Catherine Delgoulet
Enseignante chercheuse en ergonomie – Université Paris Descarte
Marie Giudecelli

Recent Activities

FEES Report at the IEA Council meeting
Florence 24th – 25th August 2018
Since the previous IEA Council, FEES has developed the implementation of the FEES / IEA Memorandum of Understanding, fostering relations with East European ergonomics societies and has been involved in the IEA congress preparation.
FEES representatives attended and proposed lectures in conferences organized by several member societies, for example: in United Kingdom (Birmingham) with the CIEHF (April 2018), in Croatia (Zadar) with the Croatian ergonomics society (May 2018) and in Russia (St Petersburg) with the Russian ergonomics society.
FEES organized in June 2017 the conference “Workers and creativity: how to improve working conditions by participative methods” jointly with the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), the Belgian Ergonomics Society (BES) and the Centre for Registration of European Ergonomics (CREE) with the support of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA). The conference was attended by around one hundred participants, including ergonomists, union officials, company doctors and H&S officers.
FEES and the Centre of Registration of European Ergonomist (CREE) have signed in Spring 2018 a Memorandum of Understanding which formalizes the unofficial collaboration that has been developed over the last five years and recognizes that the aims of both organizations can be furthered by collaboration.
FEES has continued to cooperate with European bodies, such as ETUI, OSHA, …, and is involved in the “Manage Dangerous Substances” EU-OSHA workplace health and safety campaign launched on April 2018. FEES will start an ERASMUS cooperation project (the “TRAIN4WORK” project) with several universities. More information on: