Société d'Ergonomie de Langue Française (SELF)

Société d’Ergonomie de Langue Française (Self)


Members of the Bureau

Philippe NEGRONI, President,
Karine CHASSAING, General Secretary,
Alexis CHAMBEL, Treasurer,
Rafael WEISSBRODT, Vice-President International Affairs,
Benoit ZITTEL, Vice-President National Affairs,

Members of the Board

Frédéric LUZI,
Bernard MICHEZ,
Alexandre MORAIS,
Valérie PUEYO,
Camille THOMAS,



Recent Activities

The Self organises an annual congress which brings together between 400 and 800 participants from all over the French-speaking world. The last one took place in Geneva in July 2022. The theme was “Vulnerabilities and emerging risks: thinking and acting together for sustainable transformation”. The papers dealt with the role of ergonomists in the ecological transition, in crisis intervention and in dealing with new forms of social, economic, environmental and health vulnerability.

For the first time, the plenary lectures of the congress were made available on the Self’s Youtube channel:

During the congress, volunteers from the Network of Young Researchers in Ergonomics (Réseau des Jeunes Chercheurs en Ergonomie, RJCE) produced eight short video clips, in which doctoral students presented their research work: The RJCE has also produced video clips interviewing session chairs of the congress; these videos will be released by the end of 2022.

The next congress will take place in October 2023 on the island of La Réunion, on the theme “Developing the ecology of work”:

The proceedings of all Self congresses are available for free online, as well as a papers database and a research tool: and

The Self also supported the organisation of the 4th French-speaking congress on musculoskeletal disorders, which takes place in November 2022 in Monastir, Tunisia:

The Self has set up an “initiative grant”, which provides funding for innovative projects proposed by its members. In 2021-2022, two projects have been supported. The CAREPACT project aims to collect examples of good practice in ergonomics intervention:

The second project, entitled “Parlons peu, Parlons ergo!” (Let’s talk little, let’s talk ergo!) is a podcast for the popularisation of ergonomics. It currently has ten episodes:

In autumn 2021, the Self organised an online workshop for its members to discuss current issues. Two topics were addressed: the introduction of a possible national title for ergonomists in France and the positioning of ergonomists on social issues. A summary of these debates will be published shortly.

The Self is part of the ORME collective (Organisation Representing Ergonomics Professions), which brings together nine associations active in ergonomics research, training and intervention. ORME has designed fact sheets presenting the profession of ergonomist. The collective has also carried out two surveys to better understand the activities of French-speaking ergonomists, in 2015 and 2021:

The society has a history commission, which has produced and published online about 100 interviews with ergonomists over the years. They explain their careers and tell their stories of ergonomics as they have built and experienced it:

Finally, the Self supports several scientific journals: Activités, Le Travail Humain, PISTES and Laboreal.