Physical activity at work What is it? What should we do with it?

IEA Webinar

5 June, 2 pm UTC time (

By the Technical Committee on MusculoSkeletal Disorders.

The goal of this on-line webinar is to inform ergonomists on the topic of the ‘physical activity paradox’. Physical activity is generally regarded as health enhancing. However, recent evidence shows that this may not be the case for high levels of physical activity employed at work. This may not come as a surprise for many ergonomist, who are well aware of the health risks of physically demanding work. Yet, the webinar will elude on why ergonomist should be aware of the emerging evidence and what they can do with it.


Dr. Pieter Coenen, Principal Investigator, Amsterdam UMC, Department of Public and Occupational Health, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Website: Pieter Coenen (

Webinar Chairs:

Steven Fischer, PhD, CCPE, RKin | Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences, University of Waterloo | IEA MSD TC Chair |

Dr. Erwin Speklé, Eur.Erg. | Sr. ergonomist, Arbo Unie OHS / visiting sr. researcher, Dept. of POH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands | IEA MSD TC Vice-Chair |

Zoom link for registration. Registration is free to all interested people. The webinar will be recorded and published on YouTube. Registration permits live interaction with the presenters via Q&A.