Dear IEA Council Members:
We send our greetings to you and ergonomists around the world. It is our sincere
wish that you are enjoying a productive and healthy time. We have certainly been
productive in many parts of the ergonomics world. Here is the latest news that we
think you will find useful.
Ergonomic Guidelines Published
In the last newsletter we announced that the publication “Ergonomic Guidelines”
would be published soon. It has indeed been published! This is a joint effort
between the IEA and the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH)
and is designed to help persons in the field of occupational safety and health
implement ergonomic solutions. This tool will provide assistance in planning basic
intervention strategies based on sound ergonomic principles. Once again, we are
deeply grateful to the many people who contributed to this publication to make it a
reality. This was truly a team effort.
To order a copy you can contact ergonomia Verlag (
IEA/Liberty Mutual Award Nominations Deadline Approaching!
Applications are being accepted for the 2010 Liberty Mutual Award. Instituted in
1998, this international competition recognizes original research leading to the
reduction or mitigation of work-related injuries and/or to the advancement of theory,
understanding, and development of occupational safety research. It is, in my
opinion, the most prestigious award in our field. This award comes with a cash
prize of $10,000 USD. To be considered for the 2010 prize you need to submit an
application, which includes a cover letter and the paper, to IEA Awards Committee
Chair, David C. Caple,, by 31 May 2010. Only
electronic submissions will be accepted. Applicants will be notified of the results
by mid-July. See the IEA website:
I encourage you to submit a paper for this very important award.

President’s Newsletter No.4. 2010