Dear IEA Council Members:
Next Council Meeting in South Africa Coming Up Soon!
Our Council meeting will be held at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa
on April 2 and 3. This Council meeting will be held in conjunction with and hosted by
the 10th International Symposium on Human Factors in Organisational Design and
Management (ODAM) April 4-6. To get more information and register, travel and
accommodations, go to:
If you have not done so yet, please register with Secretary General Eric Wang to let
him know who will be representing your society. It is a long trip for many of us and I
appreciate your willingness to support the conference and travel so far. Please visit the
ODAM 2011 website for important information about lodging and whether you will
need a visa to enter South Africa.
At this Council meeting we will officially announce the opening of bids to host the
IEA 2018 meeting. We will also announce the opening for nominations for officers,
which we will vote on in 2012 in Brazil. Nothing will be due at the time of the meeting.
You will receive more specific information at the meeting.

president’s newsletter no. 9_ 2011