Stover Snook
The IEA regrets to inform that Stover Snook, an IEA Fellow, passed away on July 8, 2023 in Florida, his home. Stover entered the new field of human engineering in 1956. He participated in the human factors design and evaluation of military missile systems, command and control systems, weather observing and forecasting systems, and aircraft cockpit design before joining the Liberty Mutual Research Center in the USA. In this role he conducted occupational health research on low back pain, manual materials handling, cumulative trauma disorders, heat stress, fatigue, machine guarding, stairway design, and personal protective equipment. He was also employed as a lecturer in Ergonomics at the Harvard School of Public Health until he retired in 2009. For this large body of work he received numerous awards. His support for the IEA was reflected for many years in the Liberty Mutual Award. His contribution to the science and practice of HFE will long be remembered, as well as his enthusiasm for it.