The future of work and the challenges for HFE from the United States of America

Webinar 16 November 2023, 3 PM UTC 

The goal of this on-line webinar series is to bring you perspectives on the envisaged challenges arising from the Future of Work for HFE from around the World. In this webinar we will be hearing about the future of work from the USA and the challenges that this raises for HFE. Webinar Chair: Professor Andrew Thatcher, University of the Witwatersrand, Chair of the IEA Task Force on the Future of Work.


Dr. Hongwei Hsiao serves as a Professor and holds the Rogelio Benavides Memorial Chair at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. He directs the Smart Technology Advancement Research (STAR) initiative, focusing on innovation for industrial and public safety. His research portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, including big data utilization and artificial intelligence application in the realms of protective gear sizing and design for diverse workforces, advancements in first responder technology, hazard investigation and control, 3-dimensional dynamic fitting and performance assessment of personal protective equipment, and integration of multi-system smart technologies. Before assuming his current position, Dr. Hsiao held the positions of Chief of the Protective Technology Branch and Coordinator of the Center for Occupational Robotics Research at the U.S. National Institute Webinar Series THE FUTURE OF WORK AND HFE FROM AROUND THE WORLD for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). His body of work encompasses over 190 publications, patents, and apps in the domain of human factors and engineering innovation geared towards injury control and human wellbeing. His foresight plays a transformative role in shaping the future landscape of work, workforce training, and the design of safe and effective workplaces.

Gary Roth is a Senior Service Fellow in the Emerging Technologies Branch, part of the Division of Science Integration at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. He is also the coordinator for the Institute’s Future of Work Initiative. His research interests are in emerging technologies broadly, and specifically a focus on nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, and artificial intelligence, and how these technologies are changing the nature of work and the experience of the future worker. Dr Roth has been a key participant in the institute’s Nanotechnology Research Center (NTRC), Center for Occupational Robotics Research (CORR), and Manufacturing Sector Program activities. He also represents NIOSH on America Makes, America’s Advanced Manufacturing Institute for Additive Manufacturing. Dr Roth is a graduate of the University at Albany, where he obtained a doctoral degree in Nanoscale Science and Engineering and a master’s degree in environmental health and toxicology.

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Registration is free to all interested people. The webinar will be recorded and published on YouTube. Registration permits live interaction with the presenter via Q&A.