CIEHF Issues Guidance for Vaccination Programs
Vaccinating a Nation- 10 Human Factors and Ergonomics Principles

This guidance aims to support the safe roll-out of COVID-19 vaccination programs. Vaccination programmes include a number of work systems, such as manufacturing, filling, and packaging for distribution, testing, and approval, cold-chain delivery, booking systems for vaccination appointments, local administration of the vaccine, and patient follow-up. The challenges and requirements for operating such complex programmes at speed may vary both within a country as well as between countries, but the document offers 10 principles to support systems thinking for vaccination programs that apply across settings. These HF/E principles relate to the identification and description of work systems (Identify), the improvement of work systems and processes (Improve), and the continuous learning from experience to achieve sustainable change (Adapt).

CIEHF Vaccination Infographic (pdf)

CIEHF Covid-19 vaccination programmes document (PDF)