IEA Announces 2019 Recipients of the IEA/Kingfar Award

The following four people were awarded the 2019 IEA/Kingfar Award:

Gilbert J. Huber

  • de Carvalho, P. V. R., Righi, A. W., Huber, G. J., Lemos, C. D. F., Jatoba, A., & Gomes, J. O. (2018). Reflections on work as done (WAD) and work as imagined (WAI) in an emergency response organization: A study on firefighters training exercises. Applied ergonomics, 68, 28-41.

Liuxing Tsao

  • Tsao, L., & Ma, L. (2016). Using subject-specific three-dimensional (3D) anthropometry data in digital human modelling: case study in hand motion simulation. Ergonomics, 59(11), 1526-1539.
  • Tsao, L., Chang, J., & Ma, L. (2017). Fatigue of Chinese railway employees and its influential factors: structural equation modelling. Applied ergonomics, 62, 131-141.
  • Tsao, L., Li, L., & Ma, L. (2018). Human work and status evaluation based on wearable sensors in human factors and ergonomics: a review. IEEE transactions on human-machine systems, 49(1), 72-84.

Mengli Yu

  • Yu, M., Zhou, R., Wang, H., & Zhao, W. (2019). An evaluation for VR glasses system user experience: The influence factors of interactive operation and motion sickness. Applied ergonomics, 74, 206-213.

Rodrigo Arcuri Marques Pereira

  • Jatobá, A., Bellas, H. C., Koster, I., Arcuri, R., Vidal, M. C. R., & de Carvalho, P. V. R. (2018). Patient visits in poorly developed territories: a case study with community health workers. Cognition, Technology & Work, 20(1), 125-152.
  • Li, R. C., Pereira, R. A. M., Jatobá, A., Vidal, M. C. R., de Carvalho, P. V. R., Grindrod, K., & Burns, C. (2019, November). Information Technology Systems at the sharp end of medication therapy management. In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting (Vol. 63, No. 1, pp. 698-702). Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications.
  • Arcuri, R., Bulhões, B., Jatobá, A., Bellas, H. C., Koster, I., d’Avila, A. L., … & de Carvalho, P. V. R. (2020). Gatekeeper family doctors operating a decentralized referral prioritization system: Uncovering improvements in system resilience through a grounded-based approach. Safety Science, 121, 177-190.