IEA Tsinghua Recipients for 2019

The 2019 winners of The IEA/Tsinghua Award for Collaborative Human Factors and Ergonomics Education for Industrially Developing Countries

The 2019 IEA/Tsinghua Award was given to D.Y. Sha (Ergonomics Society of Taiwan) nominated by the Tsinghua MEM Education Center for his contribution to a Master of Engineering Management Post Graduate Program. D. Y. Sha is the chair professor from Chung Yuan University and a former president of Chung Hua University. The MEM program focuses on cultivating master-level engineering management talents through part-time course teaching, industrial immersion classes, and real application project research. The curriculum includes 36 course credits, with one 2-credit course “Product Development Management (PDM).” The PDM course prepares the MEM students to understand customer needs from HFE perspectives, and then develop concept using the TRIZ theory to achieve the functions defined based on needs analysis.