IEA/Kingfar and IEA/Tsinghua Awards Announced

On behalf of the IEA Executive Committee, Past President and Awards Chair Dr. Kathleen Mosier is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2021 IEA/Kingfar Award and the IEA/Tsinghua Award. The IEA/Kingfar award is given in recognition of outstanding student research in human factors / ergonomics (HFE) issues in industrially developing countries (IDCs). The purpose of the award is to encourage deserving students to further explore original research and applications on HFE issues typical of developing nations, thereby contributing to the wellbeing of people in IDCs.  Nominations came from IEA federated societies, and applications were evaluated by a renowned international team of reviewers. Eight awardees from 6 different countries were chosen for the 2021 award:

  • Dandan Hou (Chinese Ergonomics Society)
  • Ehsan Garosi (Iran Ergonomics Society)
  • Graciela Rodr√≠guez (Sociedad de Ergonomia de Mexico)
  • Gurdeep Singh (Indian Society Ergonomics)
  • Mirella Tonetto (Brazilian Ergonomics Society)
  • Nilakshy Yeln (Indian Society Ergonomics)
  • Shaoying Hu ( Chinese) Ergonomics Society)
  • Wyke Kusmasari (Indonesian Ergonomics Society)


The IEA/Tsinghua Award is given annually to honor persons such as researchers and educators who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the success of postgraduate educational programs that have HFE courses in the curriculum or contain substantial HFE content in some courses, through international and/or inter-regional collaboration. Three awardees from 2 programs in Brazil and China were selected for the 2021 award:

  • Paulo Victor Rodrigues de Carvalho (Brazilian inter-regional collaboration)
  • M. H. Agha and Prof. Aneel Salman (China, MEM Educational Program)