The IEA Council elects the officers of the IEA for a three year term at a meeting in conjunction with  the IEA Triennial Congress. All elected officers have experience as a representative of a Federated Society. The officers work on an honorary basis and are responsible for the appointment and coordinaton of the Executive Council and the day to day management of the IEA.

The administrative tasks of the IEA are managed by an Administration Officer, who is employed through the elected officers.

Prof. Dr. José Orlando Gomes, Ph.D., CPE, President

Brazilian Ergonomics Association/ Industrial Engineering Department & Graduate Program in Informatics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Email:president (at)

Dr Maggie Graf, Vice-President & Secretary General

Swiss Ergonomics Society Email:VPSG (at)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Alexander, Vice-President & Treasurer

Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin Email:VPTreas (at)

Dr. Kathleen L. Mosier, Immediate Past President, and Chair, Awards Standing Committee

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society/ San Francisco State University/ Teamscape, LLC Email: PastPres (at)

Jonathan Davy (Communications and Public Relations Standing Committee Chair)

Jonathan Davy Rhodes University Makhanda, South Africa Email:CPR (at)

Elina Parviainen, Chair, Development and Promotion Standing Committee

Nordic Countries Ergonomics Society Human Process Consultation Ltd. Finnish Ergonomics Society Email:DPchair (at)

Dr. Anindya K. Ganguli, Chair, International Development Standing Committee

Indian Society of Ergonomics Asian Council on Ergonomics and Design Bureau of Indian Standards Email:IDChair (at)

Takeshi Ebara, Ph.D., CPE, Chair, Professional Standards and Education Standing Committee

Japan Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Department of Ergonomics, Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, University of Occupational and Environmental Health (UOEH), Japan Email:PSEChair (at)  

Nancy Black, PhD, P.Eng., Chair, Science, Technology & Practice Standing Committee

Association of Canadian Ergonomists/ Association Canadienne d’Ergonomie Université de Moncton Email:STPChair (at)

Takashi Kawai, ICT Director

Japan Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Department of Intermedia Art and Science Waseda University Email: ictdirector (at)

Myung Hwan Yun, Ph.D., Chair, IEA2024 Congress Organizing Committee

Ergonomics Society of Korea       Seoul National University Email:IEA2024 (at)

Andrew Thatcher (Chair, Future of Work Task Force)

University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, South Africa Email:Worktaskforce (at)

Prof. Andrew Todd, Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Development and Implementation

Ergonomics Society of South Africa Rhodes University

Aleksandra Gamper

IEA Office Administrator Email:office (at)


It has been reported that our members have been receiving phishing emails which fraudulently represent the IEA officers by using their email addresses (often misspelt), signatures and names. Such emails often ask to approve payments, make money transfers or disclose your personal data. IEA officers will never write to any of our members by email with such requests. If you receive such a message, please delete it immediately and do not reply.