Standing Committees are defined as committees that are intended to remain active for an indefinite period, as their work is required on an ongoing basis. Standing Committees may form subcommittees to undertake specific tasks that will contribute to the realization of the objectives of the committee. Presently, the following Standing Committees exist:

The Awards Standing Committee gives formal recognition to the Federated Societies that have made outstanding contributions to the field of ergonomics on an international level. The committee furthers the cause of the IEA through formal recognition of outstanding contributions to international ergonomics.

Chair: Yushi Fujita, Immediate Past President

The Communication and Public Relations (C&PR) Standing Committee promotes the awareness of the IEA and ergonomics on a global basis though interacting with international and national organizations, disseminating the IEA-related information, assisting in developing and distributing publications, coordinating donations of educational materials related to ergonomics, and conducting any other relevant activities.

Chair: Michelle Robertson

The Development and Promotion (DP) Standing Committee explores and coordinates new policy options and proposals, and assists in development and implementation of new programs and initiatives relevant to the function and effectiveness of IEA. The DP committee develops and coordinates plans and proposals concerning IEA policies, operation, and structure, and assists in development of policy recommendations to better serve the Federated Societies and the international ergonomics community.

Chair: Elina Parviainen

The International Development (ID) Standing Committee promotes, coordinates, and implements ergonomic activities in industrially developing countries by supporting local and regional initiatives concerning research, development, training, and conferences. The committee implements ergonomics development programs in industrially developing countries and collaborates with other IEA committees with interests in industrially developing countries.

ChairAndrew Todd


Africa co-chair: Hakim Benchekroun

Latin-America co-chair: Paulo Antonio Baros Oliveira

Professor Gaur Ray, Indian Society of Ergonomics
Professor Rosemary Seva, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of the Philippines
Professor Paulo Oliveira, Brazilian Ergonomics Association

The Professional Standards and Education (PS&E) Standing Committee provides advice about ergonomics education and guidance on professional conduct. It promotes the development of and endorses professional certification schemes. With other members of IEA, the PSE has published a Code of Conduct.

ChairChien-Chi (Max) Chang

Certification Subcommittee Chair: Maggie Graf


Europe region: Dr. Margaret Graf

North America region: Dr. Nancy Cooke

Africa region: Professor Hakim Benchekroun

Latin America region: Professor Mario Vidal

Asia Region: Dr. Frederick Tey, Dr. Toriizuka Takashi, Prof. Shamsul Bahri Mohd Tamrin, Prof. Frank Lin

The Science, Technology and Practice (STP) Standing Committee promotes and coordinates the exchange of scientific and technical information at the international level.

Chair: Dr. Thomas Alexander

Ongoing Topics: There are twenty-eight subcommittees (known as Technical Committees) which address specific areas of technical interest.