Prof. Clas-Hakan Nygard
Tampere School of Public Health
University of Tampere
FIN-33014, Finland
Tel. +358 3 3551 6658
Gsm +358 50 586 5959
Fax +358 3 3551 6057
Professor Masaharu Kumashiro
Professor Juhani Ilmarinen

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  • To identify and promote research and application areas concerning ageing during working life as well as during the third age
  • Plan and develop paper sessions, symposia and group meetings on aging at IEA congresses and other IEA sponsored conferences
  • To collaborate with other exoert organizations, like the ICOH Scientific Committee for Aging and Work



To implement the above objectives, this TC shall create Work Groups, Members will be announced soon.

Past activities

1. Publications
Promotion of Work Ability towards Productive Aging.
Selected papers of the 3rd International Symposium on Work Ability, Hanoi, Vietnam, 22-24 October 2007, Edited by Masaharu Kumashiro, CRC Press, 374 pp, 20082. Workshop
”Contemporary problems of prolonging work ability, age management: Extending the work life” 9-10.10.2008, Technical University in Tallinn, Estonia. The workshop was organized by Professor Ylo Kristjuhan, Tallinn Technical University, Estonia. In all 43 people from 14 different countries participated. IEA and ICOH Aging TC:s were partners.3. Conference
ICOH 2009, 22-27.3.2009, Capetown, South-Africa. One symposium and 2 oral sessions on Aging and Work (IEA was partner)


Forthcoming events


  • IEA 2009. Four oral sessions on Aging (ICOH is partner).
  • 4th International Symposium on Work ability. Age Management during the Life Course, 7-9.6.2010, Tampere, Finland (Chair, Clas-Hakan Nygard, IEA and ICOH Aging committees are co-organizers). Web site:
  • Under discussion:
    • Aging and work conference in Melbourne, Australia, 2011 (IEA and ICOH, chair, Philip Taylor).
    • Aging session (s) at the Annual? Nordic Ergonomics Society Conference in Finland 2011.

2007-2008 Aging Report

Action Plan


Activities Description Responsible Milestones
Cooperation with the ICOH Aging and work Committee Symposium on Promotion of work ability towards a productive aging, 22-24.10.2007, Hanoi, Vietnam
Session at NES 2008 in August 2008 on Iceland (IEA sponsored conference)