Karen Bredenkamp

Principal Human Factors Engineer, Magic Leap Inc. Plantation, Florida, USA

Founding Member, World Engineering Anthropometry Resource (WEAR)

Phone: + 1 786 778 2003



Sandra Alemany Mut, Ph.D.

Anthropometry group lead,


València, Spain

Founding Member,

World Engineering Anthropometry Resource (WEAR) Email:



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The objective of the IEA technical committee on anthropometry is to improve the understanding and sharing of anthropometry knowledge. We try to achieve this goal through stimulation of high-quality anthropometric research, test and evaluation, development of anthropometric tools and dissemination of knowledge and data.


The IEA technical committee consists of two co-chairs (see above) and and members who typically also joint the group’s LinkedIn group (see above). The committee will meet aminimum of once every 3 years during each IEA conference.

This TC was created by WEAR (World Engineering Anthropometry Resource) in 2007. See for further information.

You can join the IEA Anthropometry TC too if you are interested in anthropometry and a member of a Federated Ergonomics Society. To join, please send an email to or to

You may also join the IEA Technical Committee Anthropometry (international Ergonomics Association) group on LinkedIn. Please send a connection request to to join our online discussions.

To implement the above objectives, this TC proposes to create Working Groups. The current suggested working groups include:

  • Standards and Anthropometry: This group is concerned with coordinating and synchronizing with the work of the ISO and the national standard committees
  • Digital Human Models and Anthropometry: This group coordinates and stimulates the work that is presented at the International Digital Human Modeling Conferences and the IEA Conferences
  • Anthropometry and Wearable Product Design: This group is concerned with the dissemination of information about workshops and published literature on best methods for design, test and evaluation of wearable product designs
  • Novel Technologies for Measuring Linear or 3-D Volumetric Data for Designers and Product Developers