Building and Construction


John Smallwood

Nelson Mandela University, South Africa

 Vice Chair

Yee Guan Nee

University Putra, Malaysia

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  1. To stimulate research and best practices in construction ergonomics
  2. To stimulate the publication of scientific articles in the area of construction ergonomics
  3. To support a network of experts, who work partly or completely for the construction industry in any of the sub fields of ergonomics
  4. To participate and/or organize collaborative events for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry to share recent results of projects, focussing on:
    • effectiveness of ergonomic measures
    • effectiveness of implementation strategies (e.g. knowledge dissemination, adoption of ergonomic measures, commitment of stakeholders like architects, principals, main contractors)

This TC focuses on human factors in the construction industry, which is affected by a high incidence of musculoskeletal disorders, injuries and fatalities worldwide. Reflecting the international nature of the problem, ergonomists and researchers participate from all over the world. The TC organizes a triennial symposium at the IEA Congresses.


2007 Building and Construction TC Annual  Report


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2015 Building and Construction TC Annual Report


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2020 Building and Construction TC Annual Report


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Action Plan


Activities Description Responsible Milestones
1. Systematic literature review Assessment effectiveness of interventions to prevent injuries Chair Inclusion of studies Dec 2006 Cochrane review 2007
2. Publication of scientific studies Special issue American Journal of Industrial Medicine ICOH scientific committee of occupational health in the construction industry 2008 for the special issue Ongoing process with respect to other publications
3. Discussion group on Yahoo for construction ergonomics Everyone can join the group, send/post messages and start discussion Scott Schneider Dec 2008 Ongoing process
4. Symposium Presentation of research papers and discussion on several topics Chair According to IEA 2009 timeline Multi sessions on Ergonomics in Building & Construction at the IEA Congress 2009