Psychophysiology in Ergonomics



Nicola Wright
Human Performance and Protection Group
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Wolfram Boucsein
University of Wuppertal
Physiological Psychology
Max-Horkheimer-Str. 20
42119 Wuppertal, Germany
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Fax +49-202-439-2926


Richard W. Backs, Ph.D.
Director, Experimental Psychology Program
Central Michigan University, Department of Psychology
2180 Health Professions Building
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859 USA
Phone: 989-774-6497
Fax: 989-774-2553


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  1. The purpose of PIE is to promote and advance the understanding of psychophysiological methods and their application to ergonomic environments through the interchange of knowledge and methodology in the behavioral, biological and physical sciences, and engineering disciplines.
  2. To participate in and/or to organize conferences and symposia for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry to present current research in psychophysiology in ergonomics
  3. To advance the dissemination of research in psychophysiology in ergonomics by sponsoring special issues or sections of journals such as Ergonomics, Human Factors, and Biological Psychology


PIE maintains a membership directory and email list of over 200 members

2007-2008 PIE Report

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Action Plan

PIE will sponsor two symposia in the 7th International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics as part of HCI 2007 in Beijing, China.