Safety & Health


Gyula Szabó, Chair
Hungarian Ergonomics SocietyFederation of European Ergonomics Societies; Communication & Promotion Committee

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  1. To document theories and methods in Safety and Health and to disseminate information for ergonomic design purpose.
  2. To coordinate research and practices in Safety and Health
  3. To participate in and/or organize collaborative events, such as Pan Pacific Conference on Occupational Safety and Health for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry to share solutions in Safety and Health.


To implement above objectives, this TC creates two Working Groups:

WG1 – Theories, Methods and Technologies

  • Prof. Sheng Wang, Peking University, China
  • Dr. Sung Kang, Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, Korea
  • Prof. Koya Kishida, Takasaki City Univ., Japan
  • Prof. Akihiko Seo, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
  • Prof. Fereydoun Aghazadeh, Louisiana State University, U.S.A.

The group is responsible for coordinating work that relates to theory and tool development in ergonomic design.

WG2 – Standards and Practice in Design of Workplaces in Asia

  • Prof. Suebsak Nanthavanij, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Prof. Eric Wang, National Tsing Hua University, ROC
  • Isabella Steffan, Arch-Eur/Ergonomics Milano, Italy
  • Rachel Corry, Serco Assurance, Thomson House, England
  • Prof. Kwan Lee, Hongik Univ., Korea

The group is responsible for specifying guidelines for interface design.

2007-2008 Safety & Health Report

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Action Plan

Activities Description Responsible Milestones
1. Literature review Document theories, methods in safety and health WG1 Collection of 30 papers – Dec. 2007 Booklet – June 2008
2. Standards Review of current Asian standards for Safety and Health WG2 Principles for Asian Safety and Health – Dec 2008 Guidelines for ISO consideration – March 2009
3. Symposium and Panel Presentation of research papers and panel discussion on common theme All 5 papers and 1 panel with 5 panelists 2 sessions on Effective Ergonomics at the IEA Congress 2009