Safety & Health


Experts, specialists and practitioners in Human Factors & Ergonomics as well as in Occupational Safety and Health must invent, develop, study and apply new solutions to improve safety, health, well-being and productivity in work systems. While Human Factors & Ergonomics are eternally essential elements of Occupational Safety and Health, the challenges significantly transform with technological development.

Under current challenges in the Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual digital era, the Safety and Health Technical Committee of the International Ergonomics Association advocates the solutions of the dynamic human-task fit in the work setting, including process and organisational innovations, automation, instrumentations, software and mobile applications.


Gyula Szabó, Chair
Hungarian Ergonomics Society / Federation of European Ergonomics Societies; Communication & Promotion Committee
Maria – Elena Boatca, Secretary
Ergonomics and Workplace Management Society in Romania (ErgoWork)

Contact Gyula Szabó for more information or to join this Technical Committee. Interested people are very welcome.

Executive Members

  • Raluca Iordache
  • Luke A. Fiorini
  • Peter Nickel
  • Michael Wichtl
  • Aleksandar Zunjic


  1. To document theories and methods in Safety and Health and to disseminate information for ergonomic design purposes.
  2. To coordinate research and practices in Safety and Health
  3. To participate in and organise collaborative events for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry to share Safety and Health solutions.


  • Monthly meeting – every 3rd Thursday at 4 PM CET
  • We build a collaborative forum for professionals at occupational health and safety authorities to share ergonomic knowledge and best practices. e.g. LinkedIn group
  • We work with institutional partners with the same interests to accomplish defined project objectives. E.g. ISSA, ISO
  • We organise engaging webinars on leading-edge case studies for the broad public to promote the added value of Ergonomics and Human Factors in workplaces.
  • We organise sessions and a track at IEA triennial conferences and co-organise other conferences.
  • Long term, we organise conferences and publish a journal.


  • European Machinery Directive webinar with FEES – Month of Ergonomics 2022 and YouTube.
  • Webinar with Canadian Ergonomics Association
  • Webinar on the OSH and  HFE relation
  • Reaching out to OSH+HFE professionals
  • Building momentum for IEA 2024 triennial conference

Additional ideas:

  • Improving the recognition of HFE profession as an OSH specialisation
  • ISO 4500x Ergonomics Management System

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