Slips, Trips and Falls


Richard Bowman, Chair
Principal, Intertile Research Pty Ltd
32 Robinson St, Brighton East, VIC 3187 Australia
Fax: 508-435-8136
Email: Richard Bowman <>


Contact Richard Bowman for more information or to join this Technical Committee
Email: Richard Bowman <>


  1. To facilitate communication among members around the world
  2. To help organize international STF symposia at major international conferences
  3. To help coordinate activities among regional organizations and individuals
  4. To promote collaboration among members and organizations

2015 STF Report

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Action Plan

International symposia on STF at the following conferences:
2007 – The International conference on Slips, Trips and Falls; From Research to Practice, Hopkinton, USA
2008 – The Ergonomics Society annual conference, Nottingham, United Kingdom
2009 – IEA, Beijing, China


Election of Officers for Slips, Trips, and Falls TC to be held at IEA 2018, Florence, Italy, in August.

Announcement: Election of TC officers at the TC meeting during the triennial IEA 2018 world congress in Florence, ITA (exact room and dates will be published soon). For information about the Congress, see: