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DHM2025 Summer School


The summer school is an international school organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of RehabilitationSciences and Physiotherapy, the 4D4ALL scan lab, and the Technical Committee of Digital Human Modelling andSimulation at lnternational Ergonomics Association (IEA).    

University of Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

HWWE 2024 (Ergonomics for Everyone: Future challenges in Health, Safety and Design)


HWWE 2024 is the annual conference of Indian Society of Ergonomics (Federated body of IEA). This Conference envisions a future where optimal work environments prioritize well-being and efficiency. We aspire to be a catalyst for transformative ideas, shaping a world where ergonomics seamlessly integrates with cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. Flyer-HWWE_2024

University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India

Ergonomics and Human Factors in the Informal Work Sector


This webinar by the IEA Technical Committee on Informal Work will be an introduction to the topic of informal work followed by researchers from around the world sharing ergonomics-related perspectives, case examples, and challenges arising in the informal sector. For more information click IEA_webinar_Informal-Work_v2 To register click here  

At 1:00 pm

The Future of Work and the Challenges for HFE From Eastern Europe


Brief summary of content: The goal of this on-line webinar series is to bring you perspectives on the envisaged challenges arising from the Future of Work for HFE from around the World. In this webinar we will be hearing about the future of work from Eastern Europe and the challenges that this raises for HFE. […]

At 12:00 am

Kansei Engineering and Usability


This webinar will discuss the integration of cognitive and affective aspects into the design of products for measuring usability through empirical studies in the context of Tablet PCs, e-learning and e-commerce. The webinar will discuss the investigation of cognitive and affective factors that impact the usability of e-commerce websites selling consumer products. The use of […]

At 7:00 am

Early Career Researchers and Practitioners (4)


The goal of this webinar series is to showcase excellent projects in Human Factors in Healthcare done by Early Career Researchers and Practitioners (ECR/Ps) across the IEA network. ECR/Ps are PhD students and those who are within 0 to 5 years post-PhD (including career interruptions) or practitioners who have been working in Human Factors in […]

At 2:00 pm

Physical activity at work What is it? What should we do with it?


Date and Time: 5th of June at 2 pm UTC time ( Duration: 60 minutes, including time for discussion. The goal of this on-line webinar is to inform ergonomists on the topic of the ‘physical activity paradox’. Physical activity is generally regarded as health enhancing. However, recent evidence shows that this may not be the […]

At 12:00 am