IEA Tsinghua and Kingfar Awards

Criteria and nomination instructions have been updated and expanded for the IEA/Kingfar and IEA/Tsinghua Awards. For 2020, the deadlines for these awards has been extended to 31 December 2020.

The IEA/Tsinghua Award for Collaborative Human Factors and Ergonomics Education for Industrially Developing Countries is given annually to honor persons (e.g., researchers, teachers) who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the success of postgraduate educational programs that have human factors and ergonomics (HF/E) courses in the curriculum or contain substantial HF/E content in some courses, through international and/or inter-regional collaboration. The award may be given to up to two persons from up to two qualified programs. Recipients share $8000 USD.

The IEA/Kingfar Award is given annually to honor persons who have made high-quality Ergonomics and Human factors (HF/E) research achievements that address issues typical of industrially developing countries (IDCs). The purpose of the award is to encourage a deserving person to further explore original researches and applications on HF/E issues typical of IDC, thereby potentially improving the well-being of people in IDCs. Up to eight winners are designated each year, with each receiving $1000 USD.
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