Dear IEA Council Members:
I hope everyone has enjoyed good health and productive times since our last
newsletter. There are lots of things to report and look forward to at our Council
Meeting in Bruges, Belgium on October 9-10.
APCHI-ERGOFUTURE International Joint Conference
The highlight of the past month was the joint conference of the Asia Pacific
Computer Human Interaction (APCHI) and ERGOFUTURE2010. It was an
exciting event bringing together practitioners from throughout the region in these
areas. There was a strong focus on the future with emphasis on health, quality of
work life, and improved working conditions to meet future challenges. Marshalling
ergonomic human and technical resources to address needs in tourism, agriculture
and small-to-medium sized enterprises is an important key to realizing success in
this region of the world. A strong emphasis was placed on changing the mindset to
solve these problems and calling on the young researchers to make a contribution to
these vital needs. The range of future problems that ergonomists are called to solve
include: natural disasters, global warming, the emerging 24-hour society,
technology transfer, and the mindset of having quick solutions to complex issues.

President’s Newsletter No.6 2010