Dear IEA Council Members:
It was stimulating to see many of you at our annual council meeting in Bruges
earlier this month. It was invigorating to be around so many good friends who are
dedicated to the profession. Some of the news in this issue may cover items that
were already discussed at our meeting. For those who were not able to join us I
hope this brings you up to speed. We are extremely grateful for FEES and their
conference organizers to allow us to hold our meeting jointly with their first
European Conference on Ergonomics.

Highlights from Council Meeting
The Ad Hoc Committee’s report on governance generated three proposals for
change. The first entails title changes for the Secretary General and Treasurer to
Vice President and Secretary General and Vice President and Treasurer. This is an
important change that better reflects the officers division of labor and the scope of
work required of an organization of our size with the resources we have. We are
taking council’s advice and providing more details for changing the role of the Past
President and creating a new President-Elect position. These are small but
important first steps toward modernizing our 53-year-old governance structure to
more accurately represent how we operate as a team today. The EC is grateful for
Council’s guidance on this matter.
The Executive Committee gave individual reports about their actions and the
initiatives undertaken to achieve our strategic objectives. You can find details
about these in the individual reports that were circulated earlier. If you need copies,
please contact Eric Wang at

President’s Newsletter No.7. 2010 1.1