IEA is an international federation of human factors and ergonomics societies and networks across the globe.

Benefits of IEA membership include:

  • IEA promotes and advances human factors and ergonomics globally, which benefits each member society.
  • IEA gives societies a global voice that creates a stronger impact/footprint/message.
  • IEA provides a forum in which societies can discuss their common interests, challenges, and goals.
  • IEA supports Triennial Congresses and other events that provide an outlet for researchers, academics, and practitioners to come together in a global forum and publish/present their work.
  • Through its website and newsletters, IEA supports and promotes member societies’ conferences and journals and ensures that members of IEA societies receive discounts on publications and attendance at other societies’ conferences.
  • Through its technical committees, IEA provides a global forum for discussion and dissemination of the many domains and application areas of HFE.
  • IEA recognizes excellence in the human factors and ergonomics field through awards and other IEA forms of recognition.
  • IEA enhances individual societies’ value proposition to their members by creating the awareness that they are part of a global organization.
  • IEA represents the science and practice of HFE in other global organizations such as ILO and WHO.
  • IEA provides international endorsement for HFE professional certification programs, journals, and events.